Brief history, goals and principles

This section deals directly with the Occult Martinist Order. About Martinism and in general the history of Martinism in Russia and other countries – in the sections: Martinism and Martinism in Russia.

The Occult Martinist Order is an international occult initiatory organization created by the bearers of the traditional Martinist lines of succession from Greece, Italy, Spain, which go back to the French and Russian branches. The order was created in early 2018 and officially announced its work on June 14 of the same year. The group of initiates who agreed to establish a new Martinist initiatory structure had all legal rights to do so, including the appropriate initiatory degrees.

The core of this group is dedicated Martinists from Russia, who have previously worked in various organizational forms for many years, and since 2009 have been active in enlightenment activities in Russian, in particular through the portal about the Western magical tradition, known under the name and domain name Teurgia.Org.

In the course of many years of joint initiatic and magical-theurgical work, we went through the crucible of a variety of trials, both social and spiritual, tempered like high-quality steel, and cleansed of all impurities both inside and around us. We consistently removed from our midst all those unfit for occult and spiritual work, all those who sought to use initiatory organizations to realize their profane ambitions, and severed ties with various deceivers who posed as Martinists and tried to impose on us their rules and their vulgar and profane interpretations of Martinism, or those who passed off their pseudo-occult fantasies as Martinism. Steadily following the path of this spiritual struggle for the very possibility of real, and not imaginary, occult practice, for the possibility of real and traditional initiation instead of its imitation, we proved worthy and were invited to one of the oldest initiatic centers of the Western tradition — to Athens, where already in 2015 In the same year, all the documents, materials and initiations necessary for the founding of the new Martinist Order were handed over to us.

For three years we worked diligently to prepare for the creation of the Order, and then for another four years after the founding we worked in silence, not announcing our existence and concentrating on occult practice and joint theurgic work with brothers from our allied Martinist Orders of Europe and America, with whom we concluded concordats of friendship and mutual recognition. On March 20, 2022, on the day of the Spring Equinox, we decided to break the silentium, break our silence, and openly declare our work and principles.

The word “occult” in the name of the Order is not accidental. Unlike the degrading and decadent modern Martinist groups and Orders, as well as other organizations that claim to transmit initiation and neglect the occult practice and study of the magical systems of the Western tradition, our Order stands at the forefront progress and emphasizes a deep study of the entire heritage of the occult, both past and present, paying attention to the study of all systems and absorbing the best of them for the practices of its members. We do not recognize exalted mysticism as the evolutionary path, which in a frenzy rejects any books and writings. In the same way, we eliminate the claims of academic rationalism to a full and undistorted understanding of traditional occultism and magic. Both are extremes born of human pride, which drove the Spirit of God out of many initiatory organizations that became a haven for the ignorant, mired in senseless bureaucracy and vain initiations.

So, not being a community of retrogrades, focused only on reproducing the experience of predecessors, we do not consider a single book, a single statement to be immutable dogmas, and we do not recognize a single person as an unquestioning authority. Relying on the entire heritage of the Western tradition with all the respect due to it, we do not experience religious reverence for it, but only the fascination of a scientist who anticipates an infinite number of discoveries promised by the study of the mysterious spheres and secrets of Nature. The occult tradition is a phenomenon that humanity, in the person of the initiates, possesses not only for the sake of preserving its postulates, but especially so that, having it in its foundation, progressive and sufficiently enlightened occultists can develop and increase its heritage, and this is the way our Occult Martinist Order, enabling all our Brothers and Sisters to make individual explorations in the occult. To the same we call every awakened soul who has dared to knock on our doors.

Structure and rules of the Order

Our Order is the heir of the Martinist tradition and Western occultism, and therefore shares all the fundamental Martinist principles and doctrines and, in its initiatory structure, preserves the traditional initiations, common in their spiritual effect and meaning, to all legitimate Martinist Orders.

Martinist degrees to which initiation in our Order is conferred:

1. Elected Associate,

2. Elected Initiate,

3. Unknown Supreme,

4. Unknown Supreme Initiator.

After reaching the S:::I::: Degree, the initiate can access by invitation other internal Orders connected with the Martinist tradition and united within the internal structure of our Order.

The Order is a sovereign and independent organization, not subordinate to any Masonic, para-Masonic or other initiatory organizations or churches, and thus is neither a Masonic nor a religious organization. The Order does not impose any religious doctrines, does not insist on membership in any religious communities and organizations, providing its members with complete freedom of conscience, with the only caveat that, being a Western initiatory occult structure based on traditional initiation, we do not accept into our ranks: Satanists, atheists and neo-pagans.

The highest authority in the Order belongs to the International Supreme Council, whose tasks include coordination and direct control of any structures of the Order around the world. In carrying out its activities, the International Supreme Council relies on the international constitution and the international general regulations.

As an international organization, the Occult Martinist Order is inclusive and confers initiation to any worthy petitioner regardless of skin color, nationality, citizenship, creed, political affiliation or gender, although it puts forward the traditional Martinist requirement for all candidates to invoke the Supreme Architect of all Worlds under the name of יהשוה (IHShVH).

The Order respects the laws of all countries and shares the fundamental principles of humanism. Thus, we do not accept carriers of any extremist ideology into our ranks and declare that in our Lodges there is no place for discrimination on the above grounds. In addition, relying on the above-mentioned respect for the laws of the states in which we operate, and on common sense, we do not consider applications for adoption from minors. We determine the age of majority in accordance with the legislation of the state in whose jurisdiction the petitioner is located. For those states in which the age of majority comes before the age of 21, there is a restriction for applicants – before reaching the age of 21, no one can be initiated into a degree higher than the First (Elected Associate Degree).

The Occult Martinist Order, as a matter of principle, does not charge fees for initiations, but imposes on all members a requirement to pay annual fees to maintain temple facilities and other day-to-day needs of the organization.

An important and fundamental rule of the work of the Order is secrecy. Therefore, no one can speak on behalf of the Order, except for the International Supreme Council of the Occult Martinist Order, and, on the other hand, this is also the reason why we do not advertise or share any information regarding our meetings and work in the Order in general.

The principle of hermeticity is fundamental for effective occult, mystical, magico-theurgical practice, for working on the methods of both spiritual and laboratory alchemy, and we strictly monitor to prevent profanity in a hermetic vessel, relying, among other things, on the words of one of our Masters of the Past — and founders — Louis Claude de Saint-Martin: “I have desired to do good, but I have not desired to make noise, because I have felt that noise did no good and that good made no noise.” ‎

For Candidates

The Occult Martinist Order, being a hermetic (in the sense of a closed and secret) organization, is very exacting in the selection of applicants, and even before admission to its ranks, carefully checks the readiness and ability of the petitioner for practical occult work and for the study of theoretical materials. As the old alchemical maxim says, “To make gold, you must have gold.” And therefore, if you do not have a worthy occult-esoteric background, and your abilities and talents do not allow you to cope with the development of those materials that we require candidates to study and practice, it does not matter whether it is due to laziness or lack of free time, let’s face it: you have no chance of a positive decision on your petition, because the willing one is looking for opportunities, and the unwilling one is looking for excuses. Martinist initiation, on the other hand, according to the traditional teaching from our Venerable Past Master Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, is only for the Men of Desire.

We do not seek to increase the number and do not accept everyone in order to fill our Lodges with ignoramuses, as is often the case in other organizations. Also, we immediately warn that we do not pass on the Initiation out of pity or out of the hope that someday something good can come out of an incapable person. Our demands for systematic preparatory work are categorical and immutable.

If you do not feel confident that you can independently understand the issues of studying traditional occultism, you can contact the Occult College, which operates under the auspices of our educational projects within the Teurgia.Org portal.

The second component that any potential applicant should pay attention to is establishing a strong and productive relationship with one of the Unknown Supreme Masters of the Order, who will endorse your preparatory work with candidate materials, since without his/her recommendation your application will not even be considered.

All the initiatory work of the Order, all initiations are transferred only personally, from the Initiator to the Initiate. We do not in principle delegate, by mail or other non-ritual means, any initiatory work to anyone, as was sometimes allowed in the time of Papus.

Currently, the Occult Martinist Order operates in Switzerland, Russia and the Balkans, and maintains allied relations of friendship and mutual recognition with legitimate Martinist Orders in Canada, the USA, Great Britain and Italy, which also have branches in Greece, France, Germany, Spain and many other countries.

Not being, as already mentioned above, part of any church or Freemasonry or other initiatory organizations, the Occult Martinist Order maintains unofficial friendly relations with the world regular Freemasonry, with the HELIOS Gnostic Church, with Rosicrucian societies in Italy and other European countries.

Official correspondence on the submission of a petition should be conducted exclusively by e-mail address Grand.Chancellor@o-m-o.org and strictly follow all instructions given. We also strongly recommend that you weigh your strengths and capabilities before writing to us, and we inform you that simple letters with questions will remain unanswered. Only detailed CVs with your clearly articulated motivation for joining will be considered. Please be aware that the more detailed your application and your CV are, the better your chances of getting a response. Indistinct, not detailed letters and autobiographies will remain unanswered, we also draw your attention to the fact that we reserve the right to refuse you without giving reasons.