For matters of international coordination within the Martinist Orders and other initiatory organizations, write with a note in the subject line with the usual Martinist salutation.

For questions about joining, write with the note “Application for joining” in the subject of the letter.‎

The Occult Martinist Order does not give information, does not answer questions, does not advise on Martinism, magic, occultism. Doesn’t provide any services. Does not help to cope with any difficult life situations. Does not engage in any assistance to the profane. Does not enter into discussions regarding any issues. All letters containing signs of the above will remain unanswered, and their authors will be blacklisted forever.

For Martinists from other organizations, we specifically explain that we do not provide virtual membership. If you wish to be affiliated, you must be a member of one of the Martinist Orders with which we have a Concordat of Mutual Recognition, and you must provide us with written permission from the leadership of your Order. If you are a member of any other organization that positions itself as Martinist, then we do not recognize the legitimacy of your initiation, and put forward the same requirements for you as for any profane. In addition, if you wish to send a petition to our Order, we insist that you leave the organization in which you are a member and clearly testify to this before us.