Occult Martinist Order

Occult Martinist Order is an international occult initiatory organization. The order was founded by the bearers of traditional Martinist lines of initiation and combines the lines of succession of Martinism from Greece, Italy, Spain, which go back to the French and so-called Russian branches.

The work of the Order is centered on traditional initiation and training according to the Martinist tradition with in-depth study and practice of the occult, theurgy and magical arts.‎

The hierarchical structure of the Order follows the traditional system of initiations of the Martinist Orders, and the Order itself shares the basic universal Martinist principles.

As an international organization, the Occult Martinist Order is inclusive and confers initiation to any worthy petitioner regardless of skin color, nationality, citizenship, creed, political affiliation or gender, although it puts forward the traditional Martinist requirement for all candidates to invoke the Supreme Architect of all Worlds under the name of יהשוה (IHShVH).

The Order is a sovereign and independent organization, not subordinate to any Masonic, para-Masonic or other initiatory organizations or churches, and thus is neither a Masonic nor a religious organization.

As an international organization, the Order operates throughout the world, either directly creating Martinist Lodges under its jurisdiction, or as part of an international confederation of Martinist Orders, concluding concordats of mutual recognition with other worthy traditional Martinist Orders.