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Skill, little while ago i asked in your stream which reward tank i should choose (u were playing with mauerbrecher on pilsen) u said choose obj 907 because it is easier to play.The shocking thing is that it's true!I would like to see more videos on actual footage of how they used to brainstorm and their story board and some glimpse of some of their actual work with code if possible :P ) thanks.Old is gold song.Wing chan fight MOVER.Not enough content sorry.

If I see a bird with a message on it's foot I'm throwing it back out.I remember finding this version of the song while playing with some crappy portable FM radio back in the mid-2000's.This video was PURfect (CAT PUN).Reminded me of a scene from "The Room".12:20 This Big Guy Appears in Pencilmate Front when Pencilmate teases Mini Pencilmate.Amazing fish too.It's more fun in the Philippines it's more beautiful island in the Philippines.

I totaly forgot Routh was Bobby Long.I wonder how many die because they don't have the strength to get away from a shark or damaged, that's the sport of it?DEARNESS STEVEN SEAGAL are of the best for all everything from your life and you show very well than when singing to the guitar.I need to watch it way more!She both are enemy?Ravichandran was our childhood hero.Did xxl dccdddddbdddddcd.12:23 tin tin tin tin tinnnn.Seems like where we usee to live before.Arigato,anata mo.

So why has it ever been used in any military?I enjoied to see these attack techniques, it looks like Aikido could be more useful than I thought.How many HP are those Yanmars?Scott adkins is most complete fighter.THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION:D.Just so, I think it's fair to argue that, with more knowledge and experience, we might actually be able to make a lot of aikido work.

Live long prosper

Live long prosper

A powerful storyline in that no matter what plain of existence we occupy we are still obligated to do the right thing or pay a horrible price.But he HAD to be a freaking showoff and tank his game in the process, didn't he?Thanks a lot veena js for sharing this.Music is such a release in our spirits.Commercial long lining isn't saving anyone.SNL has become LAME.

Remarkably nothing was damaged in the bar shop.PS I tried to defuse situations before they when stupid.AhHa, trumps gonna get sick and croak.Kia orana e tiki.I wish Ho'omau not mean Gay.First uk song, undertaker bar?Seems to me like choreographed dancing, rather than real attacks.This is laughable.Cuz i no longer watch neither like movies without black people include.

This is so fkn cool, thank u Niki.

This is so fkn cool, thank u Niki.

I would used back door programs on them and deleted all there stuff.Of couse Rivera did win, and find out years later Dana was cage side and got him in UFC.Sponserd by fgteev for radio music.I like jackie, but is just an actor.Please understand that when you don’t have anything proving your point and you’re intellectually outgunned, then say shit with passion, panache and play to your crowd.HAHAHAHAHA 18:06.Ay no hahaha i was very interested in watching how the scene works hahaha well bye now I'll watch in Viu.That has to be the shittiest Fucking Bar I have ever seen.What a wonderful movie!The people make the neighborhood.

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As someone who has been fortunate enough to hit the salmonfly hatch perfectly on the Madison...it is def overrated, def don’t try and come, huggggeeee waste of time

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I don't sympathize with these criminals at all, but I can't help getting frustrated when they say the won't answer questions and then still answer questions. Don't talk to cops. It seems so obvious that it will only make your outcome worse.

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Good martial arts

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Ps I'm 51 still love watching all the reruns.

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2019 anyone?

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Buakaw is a great fighter.... jaa is good entertainment :)

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Bruce Lee with one hand tied behind his back and one eye closed  can easily beat  Michael Jai White 10 time out of 10 easily.


this guy needs an instructional video on how to wear a hat.

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Janvi love you

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Very nice.