Wu-Tang: An American Saga - Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

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  You are an embarrassment to well-speaking

  You are an embarrassment to well-speaking

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So much fun to listen to

So much fun to listen to

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Pensilmation it not

Pensilmation it not

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George, George, George of the jungle, strong as he can be!


"I'm the conductor I want to wear the hat."It's engineer you stupid fucks.I hate people who can't tell the difference between a engineer and a conductor and think the conductor operates the engine.

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love the takirua shot Sammy beast brother

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best Video I have seen far! love your joy as you experience success! Very sympathetic and humble. Good man. Thank you.


Do you want to know where peely changed in the season 2 clip the book case actually moves.

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Gatuna es la nickiminajlatina


Thank you for sharing. Just found your channel. I can't wait to learn more

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((Can you correct to tumbnail, IS SOUTH PACIFIC!))

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Balufans like

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Towards the end they show "Julie Brown from the UK". I wonder of thats Downtown Julie Brown who was an MTV host. Kinda looks like her, but its hard to tell(Edit: I just did some digging, it is her. She was the winner of this competition)

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Plz plz

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 I have been a windsurfer until 98 and did the transition to kitesurfing and that documentary explains all. It was tougher learning the sport living in Africa, but we managed by following our previous windsurfers stars like Robbie Naish. 

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who pays you when you paint the movie with metal music???