When You Have Problems With Airport Security. Bob Smiley

Good thing they were not hungry.Thanks for the bad news.''I don't like French, I don't like Spanish''.

I think any pirate could kill a few samurais.Does anyone get Adirmal Thrawn vibes from midas?And here it finally is, it's perfect!Reportera salea gadhea tere dimag ch eh gala ni painya.Bullshito with knifes.

Perhaps another time.U r making this kind of videos only for money money money.The Era of kannada industry is taken to next level by RS.And im at the top lmao 322.And good to train for the street.There's also a museum on rice street.- best lesson from Under Siege.Japanese background very poor.Todd,at 1:38it is ok to say Scotland is the birthplace of fly fishing for salmon.

I Love you doodland do great job

I Love you doodland do great job

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Is there going to be a Gouldian Finch album released at once or are all songs going to be released one at a time?Free from new age contamination.Amo a ese hombre, su porte, su disciplina.Bernie Sanders Support this.We haronize our ki to our opponents to be in one and stop the aggression.If you have any doubt as to whether your videos are helping folks, don't.  Where is this dojo?

This would always play

This would always play

It describes exactly what it feels to learn and understand aikido.Only two lures, a plastic worm and a Rapala top water minnow.Queues are also.They could have probably talked to him better.For general information, consider going to aikiweb.Samma songs super.

Predatory lending and Vulture Capitalism gave Jeff Bezos his rise to where he is perhaps?And of course he paid off the mob, he’s a phony pussy.If someone practices some effective martial art for at least a year most of the aikido techniques simply could not be applied.Quit being dickheads.I ALSO DID KARATE I KNOW WHATS REAL AND YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF FUCKING FAKE ASS LOSER!You ever really been in a fight with someone that knows how to kick?I think all watch it looks good thank you.Take the easy way out.31:32 I wana see this kid be in like the next SAW movie and not make it.Yo I just realized dude was in The Equalizer.

Griffin Nowak

Devin you have failed me. It's "they're" not "There".


Nice but i think donnie yen should be 5th or 4th

Darshu dakshi

Hamsalekha and Ravichandran is Real Hero

Mark Bigeloe

I loved Ruggles of Red Gap. Anything with Charles Laughton. His Hunchback of Notre Dame made me cry.


0:20 Chalangorex 0:33 Bungasaur 1:07 Puh 1:39 Chikapu

Jacob White

It’s just a beach, sand and water, there are millions of them. Does nothing for me.

Moss Arts

Great video. I first thought it was a little cheesy at first, but past the first few minutes, you really had me hooked.


The car had to be built by iskall because he was able to slide right away... You should get this by Hermicraft Season 6...


I practice Aiki-jutsu and we conform to this ideal of practicality, i wish we had more a Tenshin Aikido in England. Keep up the good work. Adapt and overcome!

Neil Balderstone

Anybody seen Richie ?

leadbeatter fishing

When you realise your gear was to heavy

danijel klaser

ako neko ima fliperaski san od dza ili bu neka postavi

The tester jackson

Jesus Christ a mewling Quim tf


1:24 i actually took a lecture on Korean architecture and we talked about buddhist temples in Korea they have three of those wooden gates, from the time you entee the temple’s realm to the actual temple. one has to walk a path. The Koreans believe that when one passes through the last wooden gate, one enters the world of deities too

Narsaiah Pasula

Old is gold

wycliffe Kicker


Not many Aikido-ka like him around anymore.It is a feast for the eye to watch him move.

Bob Marley

I saw this PF show when they came to the LA Colosseum, live! No band can match ive as well seen the Dead, the Stones, and the Who there as well, but the Floyd is far above the rest! WOW blowing my own mind

John Hancock

Get em sticks!

Caviar Beatzz

The Thrill - Wiz Khalifa


In germany they tell you to always take off the helmet, so the patient does not choke to death on their own vomit.

Iwama Warriors Aikido VA Beach

Great technique and advice to listen to!!

Geethesh Salian

Nice concept...