What if Goku was sent to Supreme Kai's World?

Jeez this is a long time ago!What happened to masaki hatsumi from the bugikan dojo?I'm ready to make my contribution financially too!

LOoking at this comment maybe.Just looking to learn the basics, I am interested to see if a aikido class is nearby my location.Is it possible that gravity was not so strong all those years ago and therefore making all objects lighter?Windows 7 LOGO OF BIRD 0:24.Great movie thank you.Does this apply to every kind of story?Simular to Wim Hoff.

Please teachme how u made!Qualities of a woman that upholds her are depicted gracefully by Meena Kumari.These vdeos are not for children.More so than almost being caught in the old house.Muay Thai and other martial arts: No matter how much kick or punch they still stand on their feet and fightFootball: barely touches leg A FRICK HE BROKE MA LEG.Dislike madiro sule makkal ge yen Gotha maadbeku baggaskondu baggaskondu beku.Bruce Lee had more in the bag than Steven Seagal.

I think to many

I think to many

When I saw rs 200 in the line up : tauba tauba tauba sara mood kharab kr dia.Your Love Is King - 00:002.Grand Salut pour Eric.Rock and roll my brother!9:37 you can see how many times to film this scene because of the footprints of the horse in the sand.30:48 is just me after a 5 hours train ride with defective toilets.Te akaroha Akamarohirohi e te tamaiti.Life is beautiful without complicating "new technology" we live in an organic world.  Love that guy!Kia Orana guys, my parents own Charlies beach cafe in titikaveka, thanks for joining us for lunch!

srinivasa seena

jai shivij

Recycle Invention

Oh no more virus is coming

BTS Girl

And I just found the next drama iam going to be watching

Sunil Sansanwal

i love pb

txunamy chan



I would agree ,watching Japanese fighting and they dont like clashing sowrds but go for one cut one kill style fighting


Another factor is how much someone likes forms. I say this because I'm a forms guy all the way. Not Wushu but old style traditional forms. I love diving deep into forms and working on their applications. For someone like me, I recommend traditional old style Kung Fu. Their forms are very practical, require years to get down pat, really work your body out, and also look cool.


The seagal run. The most dangerous run on the face of this earth. Only seagal himself can perform this run. Tried it once.. my joints in my arms and legs completely got disconnected. Was in the hospital for 2 years. Had to learn how to walk without my joints dislocating. To this day... I sit and lay here. So my message is.. DO NOT TRY AT HOME!