Top 10 Bad Movies That Were Successful

I never get bored of this drama.What would happen if all Japanese commit HaraKiri?If she was dead mins how she sitting long time.If you want to learn the evil big brother of aikido.I teach aikido myself down in NJ and recently started introducing hand deflections to our students.By making him the most over rated director in history with a bunch of idiots yammering about how good all his rip off ideas are.Beta sun app Mysore hehhehehhehe sir I love u from heart.Goku winsflawless victoryFATALITY.

I am an aerospace engineer and I am used to calculate the collision of forces and when I see how easy and how perfectly the aikido masters react and control the forces used against them I literally have my passion of physics triggered even stronger.Guru saak bidappa avaranna.Small, quiet, beautiful, if the world were a video game this would be the starting place.And for all those animals that died in a horrific way in the wild fire.That was great PT2?Good video as usual, enjoy watching these videos.

We have our training split into sword

We have our training split into sword

Feel free to send me some links that may answer this question.If I meet him I will kick his ass.Keep up the great work!Just spent two weeks in Rarotonga (January 2014).Good luck fishing and, if you have to drive so much to enjoy it, consider a move to RI!I dont blame to man but you forgot your yellow jacket, go get that.Nice dance i LOVE it.Ill explore soon, thank you.

Light blue-- is my heritage.Those asian girls with black long hairs creep me out.Zikdkdkkdkdkksj,jzjks.R, RAJABABU,.The video and the comments keep my lmao.

I would have been crapping my pants just sitting there.Gotta love the piece of table that hits Tyson in the head and bounces off like styrofoam.Also I feel like meowscles is gonna be this season's Ripley where he is in like every episode as main character off that episode oh well.Sadhu maharaj acting mast.Wow this is real!This is an other place for your vacations.I so want to find out what happe s with the pregnant woman and her brother along with the new girl.Asking Segal or any aikido Sensei to change the methods is asking them to teach something other than aikido.I see this in many other martial arts as well, I see many many videos on Youtube that say Kung Fu vs Muay Thai or vs Boxing and the Kung Fu guys is fighting using kickboxing, it looks nothing like what we know as Kung Fu and if you look in most traditional martial arts schools these days, they will have Thai pads and Muay Thai style kick pads?

luis malaga


Way She goes

I’m crying omg, I remember the LEGO 501st series from 13 years ago

Arshanie Niketa

The cashier is dumb AF. If someone has a gun in their hands u duck and cover not stand up and wait for shit to go down smh.


The lopsided height advantage makes it hard to bet against Izzy. I like Yoel but I would be surprised if he wins.


I loved this movie. Not much different from the anime.

Byishimo Fidele

ahhhhhhhhhhhh ariko ndimbati mana yanjye hhhhhhhhhhh

Such Pastiche

the water isn't going anywhere

Mario Miceli

Lol at the internet haters. When pro fighters including one of the best of all time (silva) say seagal has legit skills and respect him then it's safe to say that the man has some skills. He's old as hell keep in mind, you haters wanna judge him like he's 20 lol.


Very nice. One of the best videos i've ever seen except the numbers on fish bodies. Looks like gps on my eyes. Science shouldn't be everywhere. Catch and release.

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Hahahahaha fuck what a crazy guy I like your voice man !!!!! Wanna go kiting right now!!!!!!!

Mario U Comics and Cartoons

That looks like so much fun!

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5:49 - 6:21 what is the name of the song ?

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