Things to know BEFORE you go to LONDON - London travel tips 2020

All the practice is needed to build cofidenc.Is this a repeat?Ip Man was the grandmaster of Donnie Yen.Greetings from Oslo Krav Maga.

Icyubahiro cy umubyeyingo asnahaka ninkonip.

Icyubahiro cy umubyeyingo asnahaka ninkonip.

Any one know the name of this song?I don't naturally do this,but ('cuz you are all so nice :)): Hi,listener from France here,wish y'all a good evening,and a good night.OH did that look like fun!I am willing to feed them and give them a warm bed.Is there a time dilation?

I don't see how that would work with a foil.So Canadians aren't always apologetic and nice.Batman grew in this story as a result of the challenges presented to him by the Joker.Lol u cut the guts.Is that correct?Tuvalu needs more tourists because this place is just incredible.IS the Dick Cavett narrating?

The old man that hit the center of the bullseye in complete dakness.Her technique is so perfect that I doubt most people could learn from her.Haha, well done, Candice.Nice short film.With his limited acting skill, he would not flourish in other types of genres.

PbMuhammed Hisham.I live in flight path of O'Hare, nice to know there are so many professionals out there flying over my house.Romani che parlano in inglese!He said Joni Baez lol.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 LIKE!

Please upload the unedited version.

Please upload the unedited version.

Hey guys, your video is awesome!GW are Heretics for not making a movie!What is WRONG WITH THIS DEAD-PAN CROWD?Shame on you for that putting those great flicks with "The Last Samurai" which is just Shogun basically.This is exactly what i was looking forrrr just maybe uke instead of guitar to give it a more hawaii vibe.1 If you are being shot at, get down means FLAT on the ground!Although kinda dissapointing that because of those bombs, we have anime now.Added to china has accidentally leaked sars before.Till then my eyes r on u.


The first cruise missle was not the German V-1,but the American' Jitterbug 'of WWI,an example of which is displayed at the AF Museum at Dayton , Ohio.

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Im from indonesia

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2006 wow 14 years ago


Cocaine anyone?

robert bourland


Johannes Kesola

Wilder hits harder


Chezza Walsh

Bored the shite out of me

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Sammy Graham

I wish Brian Shaw would accept a challenge like this, maybe get trained by Devon or John

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Very good video, nice and clear for the beginner. Some slo-mo might have been nice, I found myself hitting the pause button a fair bit!

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when is the epic guitar solo?I mean this was baby sht guitar playing. For god's sake he is plucking the strings with his thumb!

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1:30 poor p. Mate

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Lovey kicks check mine out -

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that is a round house kick

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super move


I like it's simplicity. A lot of people get caught up with complex techniques, and they forget when shit hits the fan. But this is just horse stance, reach for the leg, and pull.