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It will take a while.Thanks for the great list.Very beautiful like my friend.

Apo Whang Od

Apo Whang Od

God bless you guys for this!Maybe they got their martial arts training from video games?Bro, you can all fit 5 plus luggage on a scooter, ya should have asked we'd have sent you a drawing on how too That actually looked awesome as headwear man That tour is a cool idea, would definitely be keen to try that, especially the pavlova.I watched this movie half a year ago and i was about to throw up because i cried so hard by watching it.We're dead donkeys inside the desserts.Such an impressive aeroplane.GetElementById('text-robux').Dreamlike, surrealistic, extraordinary, unbelievable.

No matter what Sparta says.

No matter what Sparta says.

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How many days did you stay and what was the total cost?How could she steal that boy that shes to poor as hell.D boss super movie.Black belt in "wash you".Ian Mckellon definitely did his best villain in Macbeth.Do you homework first then state facts idiot lady, said had divorced Amrita years ago, man later a wasn’t even born that time lol.Nobodynot a single soulnot even a thing existingme and my friend when we find sticks:.

Nothing beats the sound of turbo-props and the smell of aviation fuel!If some dudes tells you im going to punch you this way and this speed and this high, sure you may be able to actually pull something off, as you seen in the mma video, not only that one but the other one of the bold russian dude fighting to bumbs from the streets those guys are not trained in anything, they are wearing gloves which will help at least to catch something, it doesnt happen.Terry Gilliam's face at 00:21.But if you train to be deadly you will be it.Fuck she is such a whiny bitch.Even if it is fake you should really apply what is right.Is that you, Mom?I wore my with pride and properly but this fanuk what a meat head.

I wish I had discovered

I wish I had discovered

Hey, I only come across your videos occasionally.Seems like it only works when everyone is playing nice.They did it boys, they put, swallow this from evil dead 2.Y do some people feel it’s right to fake being in the army not that this dude has he’s legit but others who fake it bad people but real army vets.I thought Harry Potter Was Shot only in the Hogwarts Castle.Also both of them don't like to tell the story in a linear timeline great mind think alike.Then there's the idea of the language barriers that would exist if schools catered to multiple countries (or in some cases, within the same country).North, sound, east, west.

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Nice family comedy movie

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We see that aikido is only for exhibition matches that are designed to inflate the ego's of the great sensei's who want to demonstrate their cult like ability to amass worshipful followers.  They claim to have the most effective martial art but then totally fail to demonstrate its effectiveness against other forms.  Then the students of the aikido pratfall and matt slapping form claim that is because the masters are just too spiritually evolved to want to show off.  Hysterical.  People, just stop the worshipping.  It is embarrassing to the human species.

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Hindi feature film sunny day Wolcott

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Fantastic movie


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To the people saying this wont work because its telegraphed. I've seen my sempai take on four other belted students, they were to just stack. He blocke and took down all of them. This is just showing the moves, in a real situation the user would still be able to do this, just needing to be more aware. Which is one of the key points.


"Maybe if it were some run-of-the-mill blade. But you really can't fix a fine blade like this." That is one of the most brilliantly subtle lines I've ever heard. In some way I haven't quite worked out, it applies to Zatoichi himself.


Aikido's Founder's video:


18:28 you're performing someone's religious tradition without studying it. no one should expect you to understand why the sensei told you that it was a good idea.43:28 Again! writing kanji without first learning how to write kanji apparently..

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3:10 nice break fall

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1 hour of goosebumps

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Mgr ku kalaignar erutharu Periya aalu aaitaru...

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i am in middle school and i am a aviation enthusiast and i love everything aviation related so i greatly appreciate the content from your channel an yes i love the SR22it has great avionics as i noticed the great chute as well as the turbo prop engine i wish i was old enough to be flying in general aviation and as well as commercial aviation i am sure with good work and effort along with some determination i would soon achieve my dreams throughout aviation

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