the goldfinch - are you happy?

As a trained Red Cross volunteer and former army paramedic, I have to say you done a great job.2019 now watching over and over again.Yes practise, pracrise.

Shinaikido he saidAIKIDO.

Shinaikido he saidAIKIDO.

But aikido is a good technique to help you def yourself and end up with breakinghis arm if you want to.This is why I like the guy.122:10 "Mortal Kombat" Scorpion anyone notice!Allah is the creator of the universe - - - Allah reserves the power to do good or bad of all.You people do realise Steven seagal is a martial arts expert?They hadTyson and Don King have to put in the ring and let Mike go for 20 minutes on Don King, without a referee.Really an emotional boost for me!

Ok, so lets make more plastic yarn out of plastic and it'll save the planet.I understand the heart of rain garu.Good job Ladies professionals to the core.Fantastic, loved it.Nyirama wagiye ureka guca inegerurinda.6:28 David is still a warrior!But the way they expressed love feeling is awesome.

4:53 and 11:00 totally agree.We visited all the places that I saw in thevideo last July.He was practically still breastfeeding that was hard to watch.Just did a 49min workout on the treadmill.Da tao ra nhung quyen hoa bao bien.Never would have known.

Horrendous shit.

Horrendous shit.

My mom:well,it all started with a fart,a very VERY gassy caveman child.Thats not quite so the Bahi and the Hindus arent doing any wars right now and some smaller religions arent waring.I would have fallen in love with Shyama - the elder of the two singer sisters.Tony Jaa for example.I think it's called LAUMEI by Tenari Tautua.The best srlf defense is to combine all practical and effective techniques from different martial disciplines.Lenny is a regular viewer of your videos.Thanks again for the window into the city's past.Superman and Batman were created BEFOREthat, and nothing these "videos" can say will change it.

Sorn nai ramro chaina AayushmA ko hayo ha ha.Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best martial artist in the world?It is kriti in the pic.What would Voldemort say if he saw you walking like John Cleese?When the girl got off the bus, did I just see gman?King Henry to Becket: You picked a bad time to find Jesus friend.I’m born in 2002 and i’m thankful THIS is what i grew up to.

stan broniszewski

Whoever said that Tide gets the toughest stains out never had to wash O'Hara's uniform after fighting Bruce Lee. But then, he didn't need it anymore.

Skye L

It said paraside instead of paradise

Wingchun Sulpico

Proud to be an Asian

Raul Pedroza

aikido that that's not a bad imitation of so beautiful marcia art and not be compromised by an amateur I'm a sensei 3 separate pronounced aikido give no aikijujutsu

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Sema padam

Subhayan Ray

best christopher nolan movie is no doubt memento

Shawn alphonso

Ur toooo good

Maro Smolko

You guys should go to Tahiti iIMPLORE you to think about it

Narendran Namachivayam


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Amazing Vlog Sam with the cool crew Jake Dre and Megan

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Katrina kaif fans like

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Cubefarmer Hkc

Must be nice to visit paradise with a bikini model.

Khalid hassparasoul Appas

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Ms. Blaileen

Surprisingly good DeNiro impression from Win...

Mysti Kissler

There he is....Hey Steve Seagal, you are a wonder. You're Putin's idol, we know that now don't we? I saw you two in Russia. Did you get to "Pu-ti-in. ??? You have matching egos, and your're both walking a fine line to complete Delusion, Steve ole' boy. GET CHECKED seriously.So sad to see little boys trying to overcome being little boys at you Putin'sage. N.Korea's Kim Yung Fat is having the same issues, but he's just a baby.

Leilie Bianca Bordes George

this is an other place for your have to go there!


33:06 35:56 35:58 36:02 Funny Af!!

Robot Destroyer

9:07 punch sounded like a gunshot