THE GARFIELD SHOW - EP78 - Inside Eddie Gourmand

Where is Rihitk Roshan.Love from South Africa.Cook Islands have been mine and my family's home for the last four years, there is no place like it.Dantdm if you want to crash the helicopter don’t read the Manuel if you do you will fly it correctly so if you don’t read it you will crash it but you won’t die or game over.The theme song for Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Wow thats amazing about the cholrite beautiful crystal you have there John love it 3.Thanks, I really appreciate the thought.Tough to pick between the two, Donnie's styles, he tends to switch from kung fu to wing Chung to boxing, he's very fast.Nolan is overratedBut I love him.(rhetorical question).Looking forward to next episode!

I was there to learn martial arts, not to get a date!No one is taking us seriously.A FANTASTIC ACTOR WHO WAS THE ORIGINAL "MAN ON FIRE".But there is no beach of Scotland.On the second floor balcony.Running like a transvestite prostitute fleeing a bust, is an advanced Aikido self defense technique, when you run like that nobody wants to mess with you.Been a fan of him since Bill and Ted.This means they are eternally blind.

Avide chekuthan evide?Saludos a mis otros hermanos Caribenos!Pavan avre, double meaning illa'de kooda olle olle comedy maada bahudu alva.What about the last scene?Why are you using a Nikyo wrist lock for Ikkyo?Aikido don't exist.But still she wasn't satisfied so she planned to kill her via her accomplice who called her.If you step back through a bearhug you will now be in a headlock.Aue te akaroa, akai'ei'e tikai teia imene.

That big guy is weak af.Im over here like my gimbal is a game changer, but he is right there is always some micro shakes or the wobbles.For viewers who haven't read the story, this won't make a lot of sense and the ending will seem very abrupt and confusing.Is it me or does Abish really looks like Leonard Hofstadter?La fine che si meritavano merde.Visiting Raortonga for the first time in Feb.

Restita DeJesus

Wow people..for those who are saying "he needs to learn from a master not a Wushu academy", or downplaying the parent's support and sacrifice, let the boy live HIS life. Why are people trying to always put their own opinions and their own apparent "truths" on someone else's lives and choices?

Salvador Becerra

They Should Combined Aikido With It. Judo Or Kosen Judo. Upgrade Aikido.


AAAAaaahhhhh!I feel so much better.At least I'm not the only one what does the technical face splat!:)Great clips Dimitri.

James Chester

I am a Steven seagal fan no matter what so if he is like he is still can sling people around

Daniel Pletcher

I've trained this art for about 9 years and now I'm back to training with masters from Korea sadly I feel this art will not work against a trained fighter I have gotten it to work in situations in bars on the street Etc but you are fooling yourself if you think it's going to work on a trained fighter you're going to get knocked out I don't care what your degree is I know I've seen it first-hand it doesn't work

Paulina Lazarek

I love psychos


I have watched 80 videos of you and your footage thus far. Just looking to learn the basics, I am interested to see if a aikido class is nearby my location. Might be a new hobby for me.


oi my guy lavish fam

Anthony Emrick

The sound is screwed up on half of these.


learned online? what? the coreography or fake self defence?Plesae stop theese fairy tales

bp Gaming

Khi rng qu xanh

Nana Mariantika

Mother. Rusia



Nina Renate Bertelsen




Aswani Sareesh

Super .

mahendra shahi


Be great to see him and picard again!