The Flash vs Arrow fan screening Q&A 1/4

Kiyu sarey principles sari pabandiyaan girls k liye hi hoti h she has equal rights Afsoos in logo pr Jo girls ko boojh samajhte hain.Keep up the good work!Heaven on the earth.If you don't have value of your life.Lili is like chloe grace moretz sister.Wish the guitar was in tune.

That's the most I've seen Steven Segal get beat up in a movie.Glass cabinet on a dojo - not a good idea.Do not talk without a lawyer present.I love you videos and I’m getting speed stacks for Christmas.Coming to conclusions before establishing the validity is irresponsible.Still have it myself.I'm sure the Aikido master was unhappy with Seagal's actions.

Did you notice that in

Did you notice that in

Best the music instrument Steven,courseyou are Young.14:46 v caiiiiii.Pure magic loved it.Nobody:Narrator: ruuun.I wonder if houses r sheap in t cook islands?Reminds me of Democrat "debates".15:40 what was that noise.

Sari iro film hakro struck agtide.Bro, 4:45 is Wing Chun Lau Sau’Scooping hand’ in Cantonese, Thing is Aikido and Wing Chun attack and defend all the point of weakest Balance,That’s what I like about it.I bet you even a black belt in Aikidocouldn't defend that.Owners are never there im not sure wtf we are doing ive been to about 8 classes so far.This is one of my fave shows!I CLAPPED, I CLAPPED WHEN I SAW SOMETHING FROM THE 80s!Lol skrillex's one is not a soloIt's a concert outro.

1:30That's one of the "Bob's"

1:30That's one of the "Bob's"

12:41I really liked that guy's biggest dream!Amy poehler and colonel angus nice combo.I'vebe on the water a lot myself over the years and a picture or video never shows the real size of the waves they are much bigger in real life than the pic looks.That's a beautiful video.May we be happy, may we realize Nirvana.Man please don't make this beautiful animation a violent video.James Christmas: even our guests can cast the nyap.How the fuck do I get so sucked into YouTube’s random recommendations.

Shalashaska Nakota

Awesome Song! Love it!

Harry The Drifter

Agent peely didn’t kill anyone!


I made it to 16 min, probably a record.I dont like movies made by hysterical climate fanatics. AOC watches these and then demands $30 TRILLION for climate change. No. Bye.

Paul Gee

He said the year before that he was going to lose weight, and he did.It was SAD to see him SO overweight, but I've heard that he has some health issues that either caused it or contributed to it.Which apparently is also why he "retired" from acting. Which is VERY sad.His Net Worth is about $20 million, so no matter what people say or think about him, I'm sure he's crying all the way to the bank.I hated him on McGuyver, and the show itself.One of these days I'll go back and re-enjoy Stargate SG-1.

Red Oz

"And he's standing there in an Aikido gi with the black thing", (Belt?) "He was a really serious Aikidoist" (Aikidoka?)

Durgesh.B.Halagi Durgesh.B.Halagi

I love move I love to D boss


Could she upload a naked demonstration?

Gilford's Channel

WOw Breath taking beaches around the world. I agree with jb griffin , Therese Salazar and Bjarne Petersen . The Philippines has much more to offer. Heres a video of Pristine and World Class beaches in the Philippines. Please like and share. thank you -

Caban Condos Mexico

Hola amigos

Roy Beam

My life goal is to make it to the YUKON. Alaska....meh I won't support the orange criminal