Did he just pee in it.If facial expressions are worth a thousand words then Silent Bob has had more "dialogue" than any other character in the View Askew universe.I didn't know none of these.I actually love James' voice.To this day, A Triple Cheese Burger still doesn't stand a chance against Steven Segal. That salmon fishing sequence sure looks an awful lot like the Glanusk estate on the Usk to me!

I was surprised to see Demi when I first saw her.Her looks just create a state of low expectations from our vain world and give her a leg up.No, she's definitely a gold digger.(I only see very bad karate).Can the tech disable all the cell phones also?Moral of the story is to get nice shoes so you don't get cheated on.

I think we all had great time that day in Denmark.More blessing Mama.Does anyone know the song at the 2 minute mark.He not only controls himself, but, worst of all, he is able to control and dictate the intentions and every movement of his enemy during the battle.Sto bi neko ovu divnocu dislajkovao?The brother needed to fight dirty, that would have been his only shot.Chanagide adre poorthi nodalla manassige tumba bejar aythade.A better title: How to piss your life away on useless pursuits.

Brando can play

Brando can play

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I used to listen to the whole playlist for months every time I work at my pc.CT seems to always pick the biggest and best lines.Buying a wood boat are you?Waiting waiting waiting.MISSING THE ERA.Keep doing what your doing.Akido is similar to what I see Vadim Starov do.Well said cattabaticwhere ever you are,.Oh, I'm watching too.

Welcome to the

Welcome to the

Once rented one just for the heck of it for a 80-min flight.I am lacking a better word here.PbPraveen Dharan.So now I am silly, dichotomous, have strange beliefs, and not really scientfic.I Can’t Believe Steven Is Still Makin Movies.


What a physical feat, amazing. Not really fights though. It was light contact sparring with no intent. NO ONE would get through a 100 men in a real fight. Well done!

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What approach was that some one please?

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