Shawshank Redemption - What's the Difference?

We live in the mind of god.Even though Bruce is a good fighter his master Ip Man can beat him up.The tentacles were very well done!

It would've been very cool to see him do them.Kia orana kia koe Zephania.She's amazing in every way.Dunno if juddy will even see this, but insane respect for ya mate.Wow - these guys take their conditioning very seriously.Hello everyone, how are you?Monty Python Rules!

We just went

We just went

100 milian ke liye powerstar kingstar number Van training ka shubhkamnaen dhanyvad Power Star Pawan bhaiya.Can you help me?They must know more about me than I do.This is awesome.Masak manusia apa itu.The hardest and untouchable motherfuckas ever :D.Some of my pamle (family) have married into the Polynesian culture and I have truly wonderful inlaws who are very loving, caring and sharing people.I just don't like how it was gone about.

I see this as a parable.

I see this as a parable.

Thank you so much.Now I’m here wanting to know what those beautiful words mean.What about this bike vs suzuki s 750.Why wouldn’t she just give her the Emergen-C lol.The problem is in the upper class masses now.Thank you very much Roshi Harada for this lesson.When is part 2 gonna be released?MARTIAL ART WORKS PRACTICE HARD.

Also, he took boxes from

Also, he took boxes from

Accha hua meri gussa Kam ho gyi volkano sant ho jao.To the point Yul, Ozzy and the others all HATED her.Ohhhhhhhh yeeeeah.I'm not in the mood.How many people want frozen 3.That island isn't abandoned.That would have been fully sick.Cus dying, Givens and her mother, King and the fake rape claim.This woman has no brain.Keep it up chchu.

Other than that one song though, you pissed off your fans with the album with it being bullshit.Thus, Demolition Man.Super nan yash fan.Hey everyone, thank you for checking out our film!Only the cage fighting championship should not be consider as the real fights.He really needs to stop now.But some where if we try.Diljit bhai may God bless you.The fight is boring and very short and if you dont know how to take aikido techniques and know how to fall.Aikido is such a joke.


The only place to eat in London is Paris.

Why do i fall in love with ALIENS??

Literally it 2.30 in the morning and at 6 i have scul and I can’t stop watching this...HELPPPPP!!!!!

Jay Vee

Boxing is soooooooo boring.

Juju Rellama

2000 USD a day,

Hiago Silva

what an awsome trip!!great video!!def going there next year!!


People and the internet claim Seagal is a Phony, I beg to differ ,What he knows how to do was not taught to him in Holywood it can only be taught by the Masters which he did in Japan Period

Arnob Farhan

Nawaz bai tomhara jobab nehi...

It was superb movie,,,

Deano Sanders

Love the sea, sounds off the waves so relaxing and peaceful, takes me to my favourite places in the world

R-jun Subash

Stone cold steve austin in mad max..?!! It's Nathan Jones Mr. Analyst. Watch close CINEFIX

Shawn Wall

I watched this when it first came out. I could tell these two were real martial artists by the speed and technique displayed. Compare this to karate kid where it was slow and unrealistic.


:) love these videos!!