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Obviously, this is the best way to live your life.Slash is god of guitar.THE LOOK IN YOUR EYES TELLS IT ALLNOAH WOULD BE PROUD.If you have a need to fight?Beautiful to watch and deadly to experience.If you slap him like a girl you could probably throw three slaps in the time he throws one punch.He doesn't know Shit.

What do you expect - 4 man running and screaming with big swords trying to cut his head?Kon kon deli 5 bar sun let hai pllz hit like.True Ninjas learn to cut onions near people who watch sad youtube videos.We fought, suffered and survived!But for street fight, aikido is not effective.Ye hote Hain real heroes real actors.They actually did an awesome job with this!He constantly trying to put rob down.Not gonna lie, this looks like garbage.The last guy died forsure Goddam.

The Muhi Muteki Ryu guys go pretty hard at the uke - the tsuba is extra large and thick to protect the hand and wrist from being damaged - you can see the tsuba being hit very forcefully a couple of times at 1:23 and 1:24.Didn't notice the Hans callbacks when I saw it the first time!Great direction, story, acting everything.Apart from social msg I noticed that all actors r same showing up in crime petrolkuch der lga wahi dekh rhi hu.The rest of the movie is crap, but Robin Hood being a longbowmen is probably the most realistic part about him.I prefer the hamster version of this sketch.Remember people.

Walter white confirmed.

Walter white confirmed.

Its not straight, flat.Should i remove the fin from my board.Yes, everyone should start with a sound core by mastering an individual style.Private healthcare.Looked like extremely hard work.0:45 Ehrmantraut.Another common mistake is during the water relaunch- LET OUT THE BAR before grabbing the steering line!With such a sharp blade, you carry no chainshirt?Also, it could have been more hard-hitting if you made it less like a generic action movie with the camera flares and the shaking and endless gunshots.

From what I

From what I

I don't think I even have a clue what Morihei Ueshiba thought its purpose was, he seemed to be a very enigmatic person.This is the first time i cry in a movie.Best spot to stay for 4 weeks with kids.Hopefully there will never be a sequel to this, or I'll have to put my eyes out with a dessert spoon.Spamllpitdept First of all, aikido was founded in 1931.Yen songs acting super anna ambi, full movie upload madi eigha eirodu 2.7K aka 1440p version is not available.

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Had me at first word very very powerful so glad something told me to click on this

Sharetha Shelton

He should of helped the big black dude fight the man once he got his girl out that hole.. But nawl, he 2 busy tryna get her out n he still could of did that once he would of helped the dude.. But now there's no one 2 tell what happened.. He was selfish he got what he got

mehself124 Roblox

2:19 Other kids: behavesMe: holds crucifix

E.W. "SquErl" Tiffin -E3PercussionPRO

At 6:14 the "patented" LEG "elbow"LOVE your channel!Just givin' ya some grief.

pruod to be somali girl

After i have seen a korean YouTubers who talk to turkish i started wanting learn korean language theirs names or channels are1 Chaby han2 Daud kim pls follow them if you see my comment thnks

Derrick Zupf

that was fucking hilarious

Scar Vittori

Scott Adkins, Lateff Crowder And Michel Jay White all the way for me!

Gerald Mahoney

What about the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique?

Afwan Mulia P

3:20 He is open another dimension gate for a sec

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hae couz meen song ae far im like listenig 2 it every day lol best wish to u ma couz :D


Thos KATANA’S look to short to actually be katanas


A very good selection. Thank you!


This is bullshit. It's staged, what even is this 3:33 the guy hurts the other guy by touching his shoulders? Clearly staged.

jacky B

Nice editing and some good kiteboarding skills man!

Mark Pierce

Aikido has no use in a ring or in the street. Imagine Seagal tryin to fight Royce Gracie.

alsmo0o Saad



Sleuth Entertainment

Tough and rough cop film, violent, hard-boiled, exciting. One of the best of the 90's and my favorite of Seagal

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I don't wanna be that person but Joe literally does everything

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Personally, I think ceremonial archery works against accurate shooting SO fuckin much. I get that it's keeping traditions of feudal archery alive - and, anthropologically, I respect that. However, there's SO much working against you when you insist on shooting like this. Continuous use of this style may forge draw strength/draw resilience. However, on the draw, the fletchings of the arrow are so far away from your face that sighting the shot well is difficult. It's ok to bring the arrow closer to the eyes and anchor the shot to the side of your face (basically an archer's equivalent of stock-welding for sight acquisition in rifle marksmanship.) Therefore, nearly dogmatic continuation of this shooting style (that, simply, isn't as accurate and reliable as anchoring the shot) is little better than imprinting bad shooting habits into the archer's muscle memory - it's practiced as "discipline," but it's not an accurate or reliable form of shooting discipline. The draw alone moves at a snail's pace, so you're subjecting your arms to unnecessarily quicker rates of fatigue - especially if those bows have a lot of draw weight. It's why you can see their arms shaking so badly while they're just sitting there and waiting (for whatever reason in the world.) There's just so much unnecessarily working against the shooter with this ritualized, stiffened shooting ritual.

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I would be the lord of sissy if i was there

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Hi, may I ask if you did your trip with a 4x4? Love your video!!!

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wish ...come to life