ROCKETMAN - Critique ! Un Biopic Psychanalytique

Take a metal detector.That cop looks like a proper nitty.Wasn't that lady in ninja turtles 3?Bhabhi tere naloo shoni aa nale bholiii ji aaaa.Great tunes too.Mallick26 If you want to get owned by someone who knows what theyre doing.Thanks for the great video!

I'm starting to see a pattern here.Use 2x playback speed for actual combat.I give you John Leguizamo.Amazing people full of joy of life, peace love and unity.Here os how to see real warriors vs hollyweird.I've watched all three IP man movies and I loved them.

The cabin altitude is less than twice the height of the Burj Dubai.Who thought that ridiculous scenario up!I love teachers and practitioners that take their art and build on it.One night he got into it with some bikersbeat 8 of themthen one of them put a knife into him and killed him.Watch now when i comment and like ur video and subscribe.Dont kill them all.

Anybody here to listen Enrique's clean,sweet and pleasant vocal?Great job by both of you.This is how we used to party before Thatcher ruined it.Circular movements.Faith is always tested for that is why there is GOOD and EVIL.Amma Nana gurichi evaru rayalan thakuvay thank you amma nana naku e life echru.Reminds me so much of Burnside experience socially.You are bruce lee aka jet li.From American Samoa.I have respect for both guys because the Aikido practitioner was willing to open his mind and see do the holes in his system which is nothing but holes as a matter of fact and I'm not trying to be a dick here it's just the way it is.

Cesar augusto Cceres quispe


Igor Arajo

Rorion, the creator of ufc

Paige Lavina

Only season 2-3 players can like this lf you still need Battle Pass.. try GooogIing for ' WIN33CODE-axe ' great time

Jamel Weeden

That super cool, and these are all african, afro brazilian, afro american and afro carribean fighting styles too, this is now 1 of my fave videos


The right hand is wrong at 0:08

Hanah Perante

I think Janella Salvador's version from Philippines is better.


He also outweighed the guy by 30 lbs

Bill Lucas

I seem to remember in the original cut Bailey explains to Hanna Why/HowPrice became a Bounty Hunter- something about the death of his wife? As well as explaining the muzzle velocity of a .45.Maybe it's on the DVD.Whose a better western knife thrower- Ernie Borgnine or Jim Colburn in Mag. Seven?

Black Sunshine


Doug Boyd

If you find yourself in a fight with a tight MMA fighter then, all things being equal you only have a 50/50 chance of beating him even if you practice MMA. However, Aikido is not a good offensive weapon for competitive sport. However, even though I have only basic Aikido moves, Ihave brought down 2 people in confrontations using wrist locks. The first was against a normal guy who was fronting me up in a pub waving his arms and finger pointing. The other was a Royal Marine who tried to push me over, again in a pub. Both were right hand to left hand wrist locks timed with the attackers forwards motion with me stepping backwards and rotating clockwise. No one got hurt. I am sure if the attack had been a surprise punch/ headbutt I would have been fucked. Likewise if I had thrown a punch and missed i would have been killed by the Marine for sure. Luckily his mates thought it was funny that he was brought down by a skinny wanker.

Gregory Miles

This is why I enjoy YouTube

Sophie The princess

it's so funny

il Marchese

Bellissima musica.




Like unique sound of turbo prop engines.Went to london city airport feb and may 2019 for training with some of team from work.