Rarotonga meets mwnz. Day 1 vlog 2017

This video is everything fucking magical.Douglas Murray is a European treasure and one of my favorite human beings.Kevin Sorbo,sure is a great Actor.Daniel is a metaphor for mental illness.And what is it that makes your style still aikido, as opposed to aikijutsu?Islands mentioned here are expensive bcos they have all the luxury amenities on it.Good to watch Kevin in a movie other than playing the strong man.

I usually think short bobs like that

I usually think short bobs like that

They pulled over Chris Rock again.I was taught circular to clear tsuka.Mainly those on the pointy end of the gun while disarming.I'm just gonna say it.Classical music is a break from the world and a break from your troubles.To quote Renzo Gracie:.Hhh No is Ok was your?And yet she decided to look BACK in the closet after knowing there was nothing in therei wouldve DUSTED.Kwalliander Then wtf are you doing on a kitesurf video?No one took them seriously"?

There’s more than ten beautiful

There’s more than ten beautiful

:37 lowkey thought this mans was Evan mock.I have something of the sort in a small version for my chain saw.How do you add a commit in mandarin.This hypnotizes me into watching the whole ad every time.Your song is sung beautifully but your message is incorrect.Nobodies perfect!He was amazing at what he could do.

Apart from discovering fire, I’m

Apart from discovering fire, I’m

I've got 2 women to myself, now that the other guy is dead.ThereAnd your art will die.He should be mentioned alongside Ali, Marciano, and Lewis.What about the Cape Provinces (South Africa)?Bruh, who the heck is Echo?

Wasim Raza

2:00 kirak style

vini blundell

I'm a Cook Islander and I really enjoyed watching your video.  Thanks for posting, was nice to see home. 



HBTB 2750

Guess you could say she was...Pretty Fly for a Harpayai.

Vijayakumar S

Where is the legendary 47ronin?

Narasimha D

Xhyren Brown

my grandfather made this song for my grandmother before he passed away this song is called rose I honestly don't know how this song is up cause my grandfather only sang it live once yes my grandfather's name is Tuta'i George

Gudetama Sama

Aikido and Taekwondo in one building like a brothers :)

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