"Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak" Movie Full Songs | Aamir Khan, Juhi Chawla | Jukebox

There is so much info in this video.He used to cry before his fights because he didn't enjoy hurting somebody he didn't know.But can we skip the stereotyping accent.Got a Jumanji Ad before this, how ironic.

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He works so hard

He works so hard

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You have to give us more.

You have to give us more.

He is a master of trades though.- President Richard Nixon.Women back then are different compared to women now.Good idea, but poor realization.Is no one gonna talk about the views tho?Switching 3 or 4 times is overkill, but you should practice an alternate for every initial technique.There is only training and rehearsing.How’s that old saying, never teach your grandmother to suck eggs.Esse q t apando eo Jumbo.

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Plus point Seagal is

Plus point Seagal is

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John Cabueno

Dk yoo

Greg Sclavius

I won't watch a chop in half picture. Cannot even read the label on the bottle - Half picture - picture is no good

Terina Sargeant

I just want my toes in that waterand relax

Mounia Djafer

omg your so cuuute :D

Benjamin Wever

He fights with Sheamus's cousin

pyae sone

is house m.d Korea version?

WolF EnGed

Slamacow !


Congratulations to the Parents for honouring their child own mind and making that decision.

Christian V-H

I'm not sure I really understand what Yotoichi Sato is doing at 4:48 and 6:49 he seems to be attacking without having unsheathed the shinken. Can you explain what this represents?Thanks for any help

Jess Hona

Thank you! This remix reminds me so much of my mum and dad who have passed. They would have loved this!!!