He played a plenty of heroes!Hahaha loved this video and the true" story about your project.When the trigger is pulled, the best you could hope for is a discharge in your ear.Homie has chopstick legs lol.Try asking it a question.

Thanks for posting this.I still wouldn't want to get hit by any of Rogan's kicks though.We are glad to feature your work.

By asking for Independence and trying to get the military off the island.Fyi: video is a little dark.The actor of Umbridge sounds the same just sayinnn.Those of us that knew him and know the fishing here know he didn’t discover it.Something's wrong.



There was another video explaining that in detail about how the original home was a family home that was around for a while because the Woody commercial that was shown in Toy Story 2 never released Woody as a toy in the 50s and 60s and it explained how woody was the only one of his kind.Everyone should be paying attention.Well done all round.To jest serio wietne.Abakinnyi nibagire ukobabafashepe nabandi mubarwanehope.I really thought he was gonna rape her aha.If that's okay, let me know that you own the rights to this video and who we should credit.How about film with Masaaki Hatsumi and Stephen K Hayes?

Haunting, evocative.Jetzt muessen wij uns einmal treffen und gemehansam relaxen ohne stress undhj werde nix kaufen.Honestly i am beyond impressed with these videos can't complain with the content i have seen i hope you guys can reach more people as the state in this country with violence is beyond words disgusting may be one word to describe it hats off to you guys.She looks like Elisabeth Shue.How he handled the three intruders of his paradise is epic.Figured out how to do it tonight.It's sad to see London becoming like New York City.Nd she give to opportunity dipika.Here's an idea for Aikido for social change.

Albert Einstein

why should anyone take part in such a saddistic race....


48:19 Vidya got it, bang on. Nicely articulated. The whole conversation from 42:00 - 49:00 is very nuanced covering so many different viewpoints and opinions about Kabir Singh and it's controversies.


Good videos sir you can easily tell this guy could pick you up and throw ya but he's got crazy ninja moves instead!!

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Flows Danica





Nice! Not many Aikido documentaries around, so always neat when you find a new one! Thanks for uploading!


many comments about this being a demo or show etcIt's Also his Grading Test to move up to hisNext level or Dan of Black-Belt Rank, But Up-loader has Incorrectly titled it should beLive Performance or filmed life (Because of course they perform live No one performs dead!) as to inform us it's Not Rehearsed (As opposed to Live-Streamed) I have Graded many students to 1st 2nd 3rd-Dan Black-Belt so know thing or two about Martial-Arts also am an Marketer) Video says 4th Degree But Description says 5th Maybe he was 4th-Dan going for 5th-Dan at the time ?, most of video is slightly speed up but Techniques execution looks Very fluid well done with good control,In a Grading we (the Judges) maintained that some parts must be done Unrehearsed to train for Unexpected street attacks to see how they perform under pressure Because how you train is how U-Fight! that's why we make you rehearse over over so it's a Reflex (Uncontrolled by thought) no time to think about next move in a fight Bruce Lee said Don't Think Feel meaning one's sense's/reflexes =Good they incorporate Blindfolded training also Not stunt-men like from movie guys but Trained-Martial-Arts-Partners IE know how to fall without being hurt flow during sparing etc with their team-mates Respect to all =well trained video is good showcase for them will seek more of!.

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VSR creations

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Surprised by your style. Seems to be Hane goshi ? You take the right leg of the partner. Uchimata is a projection who takes left leg of the partner, on his thigh.

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Credit wheee credit is due. Sanjana Kapoor was the first female to enter films.

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I feel like I could talk to him for hours and hours and never get bored!