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Natoen a edit a vechno kolem je super ale je a nesmyslny kolik toho ten borec snesl.Then, I see clips over and over from time to time.There was literally no space battles in this like advertised.This tune, feels like i am flying high in the sky.They weather look's great.Does this make sense?

His is a stage actor and no wonder so versatile a 'Natyasamrath'.Very beautiful live version of the song.BUT i managed to expose them into some elbows and kicks.WHAT THE HECK IS THAT PINK SAUCE ON CHIPS?Back in the day Steven Seagal would have done Chuck Norris ugly!

There's a real difference between your average, fully

There's a real difference between your average, fully

Hammer girls thicc.Love this movie.Now during sparring.Remember, curiosity killed the cat!This video is fantastic!I really appreciate your sincerity and honesty.If he's a liar that's his problem,if he's fat it's his problem too.And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.3:18 minutes in the video.

The real worldeffectiveness of a

The real worldeffectiveness of a

This video and the second video in this series, the audio has been tampered with.Guy: "gun shot"Angel: "reason?TONY JAAthe best martial artists of our time.Love your videos.Story startingile manasilayi.

28:50 I LOVE THE WAY YOU MAKE THEM!Best quality in gopro HERO 4 Black is a 2.I am gonna buy some.Hahaaha the blue boy is funnyp.Chuck Schumer is a very evil man, the traitors he must be a deep state he threaten Supreme Court by name!Excellent design!If Oyama really hurt the Bulls then all his training was for nothing.

Ancient Vortex

I've traveled through madnessBut I foundedWhat I was looking forIt its my selfIn its totalityIm gonna shineCause i'm made of loveIm connected to SourceIn this neverending storyof transmuting chaos into harmonyIm gonna RiseCause I am made of love

Salve Regina

Amazing food on the South Pacific islands!


From all stupid writing models Ive known of, this is certainly the worst.


awesome i love it, its got that old school feel and soul of the cook islands party type music, these style of singing as well as the Imene Tuki

Paraskevi Tzatzani

Goki Shibukawa is my sensei... and I thought he said jujusu... )Ahh the style doesn't matter anyways...


I was expecting to see an appearance of that Southern belle, Miss Felicia Owe.

Rolbert Nerilus

Wawwwww jm ce film!!!

Perry Morris Media

I curious how the Panasonic S1H would compare in place of the Fuji XT-3? Would love to have heard his opinion concerning the Panasonic s1h.

Goat Three

Rob was the only one close to getting a point for the villains

my name

waking up on Saturday morning my momma cleaning the house.. OR, waking up on Saturday morning my momma tidying up before my Nana came to get us to go "out-and-about" .. I can smell the bleach in these songs.. the old vaccuum smell too lol

Sarah Fernandes

Anna is really my favorite character


Reported this to Patna police. Idiotic driving by some bastards

Lina G

Maferefun eleggua!!!

Damian Lewd

He kinda looks like Rob Lowe

Midz Wanderer

Enth item aanu udheshichath??


here we can see the real aikido of the founder , all his studiant have receive the best treasure we can found on this earth.

Marko Milovanovic

BJESOVI hvala vam do neba, sjajnaaa stvar!! sve ste bolji i boljii ,,/Ljudi veliki pozdrav iz Kragujevca!



Ryujin Ronin

Ninjassssss didn’t use fucking throwing stars that was samurais