Owl City - This Isn't The End

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Parece reportaje del discovery Chanel y la pesca mucho mejor y ese ro espectacular para la pesca saludos desde Chile Temuco city.Man, he is SO SENSITIVE.Okada was the man!So great cartoon.The new ones suck balls.

Liked and Subbed

Liked and Subbed

2:12 seriously?I use to have this on vinyl back in the day in London and damn would I kill it.And hides with them.Cause I said so.What a wonderful smile.Wow sana all salamat po sa mga tips sir.She works at my school now.It's literally the foundation of everything we do!All these acts are aimed at inculcating a sense of inferiority among Muslims.Belief: missing the point.

Such a waste of a great dinner.N F Varghese aayirunnu.Sung by his group, Te Rosario (Lead by the Kaimar Experience-Uncle Freddy, Uncle Takaio Ripata, Uncle Henry Kaina, Aunty Regina Atatoa and Aunty Vaniva Borrell) Te Rosario, Grandchildren of Kaimar.Reminds me of 'I AM MOTHER'.Thank you for the experience.

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Euna Angelo C.Diente

Craig Jones

I wish they used the music at the beginning for Gracie University instead of that techno beat thing.

S Hanlon

Steven Seagal is such a liar, he is a strange delusional guy. He's half black, and half Japanese, it's all true.

Samantha Green

I would watch the hell out that movie!!

Alejandro Ruiz

I would like to congratulate you for your video, that being said I do i do wish yi never stop practicing Aikido, this is you mother arts, I would like you to practice more contact sports so you are a more rounded fighter. I am an american kenpo practitioner, that is my first martial arts and I love it, however I did see some lack in its sparring so I moves to study kickboxing and also did aikido which I thought was an amazing art on its own, ive done krav maga as well. And what some of my kenpo turned and I noticed is that the self defense techniques in kenpo work but the attack was not realistic enough so how can we expect to use them in combat if we don't train yourself for a situation of stress. So what we ended up doing was the attacked were changed to being more realistic in speed and power , the idea was not to hurt ourselves because we do take care of each other but it is better to suffer and bleed in the dojo and not on the street. So as an idea try this with your aikido, once students have understanding on how to move try changing the attacks, speed it up a bit and by trial and error you will see it worksbut you will need to adapt it a bit just like we did most of the techniques in kenpo that were more than fifty years old and may have worked in that time but times change and so do combat sports and it is our duty as martial artists and black belts of our arts to adapt, change, and innovate the art if necessary so it does not become obsolete . wish you the best and keep practicing your aikido.


Tiger!! 2:04

awesome content

Priya Preethi

Ayyoda nice couples.

Santhosh Dkt

Santhosh Dkt

Wylie Wiggins

Yet the CDC considers the vaping an epidemic while the greater percentage of harm came from the black market. We're trusting our health and welfare to an Organization as canted as the CDC, FDA.....?

Craig Colson

Remember Tommy Lee Jones did a similar knife fighting skills, when he's up against Benicio Del Toro in The Hunted, and I bet Benicio saw this movie before then.

Barsa Khatri

This guy is lit

Khafid Maulana

Ak suk dlm in

Jalaicah Racman

OMG so amazing

mireia moreno

Arikose mana yange ibibintu niki kokomuzehe kagame tabara wee

Jabtutu Iaar

Scary movie is my favorite part of time to watch

Hemanth Kumar


Tulsi Ram G.M.

Double Oh 7

This is so valuable to me, an aspiring film maker. Subbed! Thank you


Altonahk It's easy to stop...just let go

HybridWarior Rogue

Ummmm what will ultimata think when he dead?

Hana Belete



"the fall of 2014" intro scared me at a glance lol these give me so much anxiety D:


Is that digi Dan In this the Asian brudda holding camera

Moin Kakar