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Nice video man and woman and I have been a good day today and tomorrow.Love your demeanor and professionalism!I hate Lena Durham,.Wunderful contribution.

I have a

I have a

No one is now, has ever or will ever will take anything away from O' Sensei or minimalize his status as the founder of Aikido.3:50 my fav part bruh.PLease 9gaggers, don't spam, thank you!Concluding, these are my personal thoughts about Wing Chun, which you may or may not disagree with: (1) it has a few powerful concepts and techniques that can be extremely useful for fighting and self-defense.Feel as if quite a bit of the footage i've seen before.Man i love this guys style its sooo class.His Nikyo is excellent, too.

Steven Seagal is an asshole and most

Steven Seagal is an asshole and most

I really cannot wait to visit this beautiful country.It is not a myth but a conception everyone in that position should take on.Scotland will always have a special place in my heart.He was a huge star back then, i lived for a new Seagal movie!Memory turns immortal.

Tik labi,ka gribas vl!

Tik labi,ka gribas vl!

A flight ticket for Sunrise Beach, Thailand.I WONDER IF THIS GUY WILL QUALIFY FOR THE TIGER TEAM TRYOUTS 2020!There should be people telling these girls from day one that they need to WAIT,boys will always try to get your sex but when you hold it it's powerful.(remember those?(I love post rock so much).Pretty good movie.

Something like onara onara.All those aikido techniques being shown focus on a wrist grab which - most probably - will never happen in reality.Industry needs more Feminist Director like him.Thank you very much see you then Soneva Jani.Why use gear coupling?

Dani DaLlama

Beautiful island and resort. Thanks!

Goku Son

The greatest video game maker

Test Account

This is so funnyyyyyyyyyyy.

Henriette JS Andersen

2020 still blue and hot


I don’t like this season cause it was rigged. There was NO way they were going to let a white person win this season. And the whole super idol was ridiculous- way too much power.

Amon Henry

What the name of the first that they sing

Ramana Pantagada

Ravi shanker anna love u iam big fan anna love u

Renato Mazzella

Girl is nice looking moves look beautiful..unfortunately no one attacks this way.. good for self defense maybe vs person with not much fighting knowledge

Juit Gupta

Amagjin bideon

Geoff Storey

Very very good - loved it

Margit Ouma

Texas and Florida. The usual suspects.

Ala Luani

Whats the name of the song?

Valentina T

Beautiful video of a beautiful island and people. Thanks for sharing from NYC

Oscar Readmore

I love how they bullying Candice with Exile Island.

Kris Lewis

Joe Rogan:Do you know how hard it is to poke eyes?Jon Jones:Not really

Moises Ramos

Awesome video! Kudos to the team, please make another one.

Hakim Jamil

I'd rather call him a Kenkaku or Kengou instead of a Samurai