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This is awesome video Girls so informative love itthe Weather changesa lot in Australia aswell in one day same same but different Country.Man has never made a Roller coaster that can compare.Love this video.Surprised by your style.

Even the story lines, just

Even the story lines, just

Like you would work with a bellend like "schitz"hahaha.Chairman vs benchMen's pants don't Trump panties.That mom is like mine, I wasn't allowed to go anywhere nor have any kind of privacy at home.Many proud men of this family lived and died here.WHY MUST YOU TAKE HIM!

I'm a drunkerd.

I'm a drunkerd.

From that movie called Shank.Of course, all martial arts require to understand basic principles of movement and distance, but Aikido specializes in that.Super comedy sadu kokila.Great Saito Sensei!Hey Lawson, what are regulations like in the Bahamas?Like the choice of dark woods on the stair steps, window frames.

It shocks me that people think this is normal.All the best all team.What happens when you get sick.Konbanwa or Ohayo what ever time it is.I am from haydrabad.

Saul Becerra


Luis Alberto Martinez

17:40 me: wut

Mohd Muntaqim

Wah this is cool


Ridiculous Feet and Hand Positions Relying to Hip Mvts because you don't Trust your AIKIDO and HARA and CHI circulation .

Alexandre Huat

Akido bullshit spotted.

Cocinando con la gabiota 503 Marcia


Saiteja Bobby

Chennagide... Nice taking.

Eveline Evelyn

Was this in frozen2 because I didn'tsee it


The real reason is that he was trying to find meaning in being a Hollywood actor. Basically it was an act of futility and people got tired of it. That's why he's trying to do docu-dramas. This is what happens when you mistake entertainment for art. Sometimes they can be both but never by Hollywood design.

John Chisholm

I must admit out of many of the online Aikido Instructors this guy is usually very good. Unfortunately in this case I have to admit this isn't the best representation of Sumi Otoshi I have seen.

shannon beal

I may not the language but u gotta respect the wolf

Ephie Hymer

"Epic!" My !ss hole


i think the end was appropriate, screw it

Mohamed Muzaahir

Oh!!!! My young boy you are a professional singer. It was amazing! No doubt you got talent.

jayadatta pawar

I matter how many times i watch this movie..i cry and feel so proud! Wat an amazing fuking actor manoj bajpayeee

Lance Hobbs

"transfer the energy" all sounds good... to people who haven't fought before. Aikido is the Pyramid Selling or Nigerian Banking of the martial arts world


There is no doubt that this samurai is very skilled. Not to take away anything from him, but I really wonder if the BB gun shooter is accurate to fire the pellet into where the sword would strike.I do not think it is possible for the samurai to react to a 240 mph pellet.

Andy Schocher



And in front of paradise cove/matriki is The beach there also good for hanging out during day and go for a swim? Because renting bikes/moto each day does get also quickly expensive...and is there any shop/snack coffee nearby? And one More question concerning Baby, did u see any bikes with Baby seat? :) thx for ur help


Not Zombie prep.Future Coronovirus America.

Robert Wayne Vernon Jr

The Brythonic Celts had chariots.

latha sk

mam lv u real hiroyini yavagalu gold mam nivu nimma appata abhimani mam

David kicker 39

Taekwondo is good for learning proper kicking techniques. Hapkido is good to learn acrobatics,falls and joint locks etc..

mareta tuakura

nice song ......te reka e

Melle Haanen

nerdy voice actually not all martial arts are about speed for example Iaido.....(I'm not taking the piss out of anyone just wanted to mention it.)