Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World - legendado

These two ladies can harmonize beautifully and perfectly!He was so arrogant and annoying in this season lol.Donnie Darko is definitely another.Why is this on msmojo and not the main channel?Takingaikidoback check out Lenny Sly and the Rogue Warriors as they take another approach to defending against a hook punch!

Komera maman Samantha

Komera maman Samantha

The solo movement looks like Sumo ritual.Cuuuuutttttee sister.Jeah im a samurai now.And why do you leave?This satisfied the Company but it meant that on 22ft.I love how disciplined and precise Japanese people move and behave.That makes you millionaires in my eyes.

Samoan people will forever suffer until they find and give Glory to their Creator.Also in the standoff there needs a Western style flute tune and rolling tumbleweed.The footage is incredible crisp and high quality.And his sensitivity start to increase.Herion gintha avala frnd act spr act.Everyone loves that.

I love your video's, my concern is

I love your video's, my concern is

PbFreedom is not free.Great, great video,so well documented, all the cameras there, the audio is very good and the pilots' story telling and other explanations were fantastic.Ippo avan ente husband ann.You are absolutely gorgeous.12:25 "Only person to attend every tribal council and not be voted out.

I love the movie

I love the movie

I would be very disturbed if birds were gloves.Where's Portugal?5:45 what's the correct way?Bruce died in 1973.Either circling something pointless, adding an arrow to point at nothing or create false images and use them as advertisement for their videos and not once ever feature said false image, you know who you are.Ahh the 80s style.

Taavili Hafoka

Karapus are on hit Beautiful Solid

Madhujee Hinge

Baaap ka , dada ka , bhai ka , sabka badla lega tera Faizal my favourite dialogue... U also like then like here

Umesh Sankanal

Appu boss super hit film

SpeakUp RiseUp

Most japanese weren't really that hopeless with swords...surely they didn't all just line up like sheep in an abattoir for a lone samurai?


Stupidest flick I've ever seen.

matias aliste

its like aikido

Brett Jackson

Solid breakdown!!!!!

Heart Pineda


R.J. Smith

I learnt the piano 45 years ago (stopt playing 25 years ago), but never got learn do these..... riffs (for a lack of better word) -). Last week I picked up playing again and thank you Nikolas for these videos for making me confortable at the piano!


Nice tosee a Qantas 747 parked upon the apron as they taxied/departed ..Qantas don't fly to Germany so may have been a special flight for retiring Captain.

digital subliminal messages

S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S It shouldbe a good scene

Super G

Pencilmation you need a discord server? Im can create it with 0-infinity servers and with 120 roles (Yes Or No)write in the answers over this comment with this comment haves write in the answers for Yes Make it to im create a discord server

Carlos Agustin Mendoza

Pencil Got Arrested

Shahbaz Tariq

suppar bhurrraaaaaaaaaa

Victor Henriquez Alarcon


M Kid

A common language is vitally important if you wish to have deep connection with people.:)