How to make PUBG smoke bomb (M18) (Battleground) | Aubrey Films

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I like that christopher columbus was too busy to stop your island is beautiful.Must watch movie.But ambi Anna mis uuu.Wish you success in your journey.Such rich language.

A lot of the shots hang just a bit too long and the conversations drone on an unnatural cadence.I fish Saltwater bass on the fly all the time but I need to get out to some local ponds and try some of this top water action.I expect to see more interesting things from world angling.Steve Muhammad is not only a true martial arts legend but very deeply insightful and intelligent.Then do the front part as usual.Love you Bruce lee martial art legend.Hass must be narrator causethatdudetells stories better thanR.This is exactly how we teach and execute rolling at my sensei's dojo.Thats a pretty awesome experience.

Fuckin A Jared"Jared: "Shut your fucking mouth"XD.I have a Netflix, amazon and YouTube tv account and with all of that.I found your song on YouTube!Decently underrated and have always found that they pair well together for some reason.Wowzare1nemesis like smart Zack Snyder love you.

Tony jaa is best fighter forever.Even if neither of the nineteen eatineNANINANIequal" Top Trending - 2017.Just give it a thought.It's a perfect example of talent meets technology to create a small masterpiece.Is looking like made for each other.Plz keep them coming ur the greatest!

I am seriously trying to understand.That was great warm footage.Also, I feel like you need to remember what you say, that we need all viewpoints.ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR VIDEO.Every American thinks Ireland is just full of green fields and farms but it’s just as dangerous as any other place in the world.Am I the only one who like this song and find it better than let it go?I love my baby girl hehe.

ruth Rammoni


Daniel Matula

You forgot the Light it up or Light-Up emotr from Lt. Evergreen.

Tim C.

Englasio Por Favor?

Michealla Newbold

So did she really reach her destination or he drop her off in some remote area and she run into the dark woods cause I ain't see no building nor people nor lights

sanku rao

Old is golld

Rahul Kyatannavar

I love you

Marilyn Paleka

I in love with this song so much

Tru2God 4life

Classic! You guys are absolutely hilarious lol. Plus at the same time you all have mad martial arts skills

Julius Lennon

no finger placement shots or anything

Followyourideas (Aikido Shodokan)

I'm an aikidoka and master ken is 100% right LOL

I like you

Patrick Byrne

Thank you, kenji.always great short stories. Respect from Ireland.also loved the predator one.