You didn't show the beach?2:32 Since when have Australian cop cars had a siren that makes that sound?PbAstralTraveler.

The engine with starter,

The engine with starter,

Movie Maker: confused with everything.Gonna turn up the volume turn phone off, this looks like a win.’Every movie that he made thereafter (with few exceptions) follow the same formula (character and script) and the trend will likely continue.It seems everything you said echoes the same sentiments that Bruce Lee had preached from 50 years ago!But everyone is suggesting solutions, so instead of making them look stupid for the solutions they are giving, just give some support, and help them think out of the box if you disagree.This could help you to save on your future holiday too.

Any loopings today?But i can choose to not give away any more free-bees for profit.Please get Ray Dalio on the podcast!Concept eutaii vayo acting natural vayena haii guy's.This generation.

11:52 okay if you read a helicopter manual you'll know how to drive a car and if you read a car manual you'll know how to fly a helicopter.Nobody came here for that and nobody cares about how woke you are buddy.Zexeru that may well be.Thank you for the video and teaching this art.Question do you have the whole dvd 2011 and 2010.I was the first person to get ticket on the first day evening show in shinagawa.PbJitender Singh.

Darkdagger Shadowmaster

Can you make a bendy ep. Plz even bendy wants to be in the show

Julie Fitzsimmons

It leaves me wanting more!

Kyle Jacobs

25:42 made me burst out laughing so hard

Sreedhar Reddy

It deserves for Award



Rozier G

no one of those works in real life

Reymark Lauriaga

The boy who sang i have nothing was like justin bieber with albino.. Lol

Quantum Mechanic

After seagal chickened out and refused to fight Jean Claude after insulting him , I lost what little respect I had for steven . He's never been in even one documented fight with his Bullshito .

David Lemaire

How macho, killing an unarmed guy.I love the throw knife part.

Anas Khan

This is amazing bro

Subhajit Mukherjee


NZ Predator

And here we are in 2020 with the Coronavirus .

I think osts of the Studio Ghibli are the best... I love it!

taing nheata


Daniel Goldstain

Awesome thanks


Original Mortal Kombat actors who did motion capture and digitizing.Daniel PesinaCarlos PesinaRichard Divizio Ho Sung-PakElizabeth Malecki Anthony Marquez John ParrishKatalin ZamiarPhillip AhnThese are serious true real life martial artist that did motion capture for original Mortal Kombat video game's.

Christopher Hood

They keep removing Donnie yen scenes because they get offended

Kubeek Subw

Me: Im blueAvatar: Ale u kidding me?

Salil Kapoor

I am not surprised that these two are praising this movie.They have to support their "gang"

Joe Smith

I'm speechless.I never would have thought that any Hollywood yahoo would even express interest in the Blues yet alone be pretty good at playing it.Especially Steven Seagal.I underestimated him.

Ernesto Diaz Parra

Excelente!!!! Saludos dese Temuco-Chile