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Is it Ironman distances?All the other car makers are useless but this guy is proper gem.Stopped watching here, not high level game, sorry.What an NONSENSE.

Thank you, these are great.

Thank you, these are great.

I thought his died.It is such a wonderful video!Small video but to the point.People keep saying that letting a kid believe in santa is not good because it's just a fantasy but it works in different aspect of everykids personality and attitude.There were no memories of some kind of awkward funny period there though we do have some stories of if 3rd person.Love cook island songs.

Judd is a strong man but to complete 100 kumite with 100 fresh kiokushin black belts takes more than strenght,it takes heart,inner strenght and lots of courage.Je te kiffffff dieudo.Lol that is PPV!My First Love Tatsuya Nakada.The 5 Deadly Venoms is one of the foundations of modern martial art movies!Who is the computer voice?Was confused when I read the title.

Although I must say

Although I must say

Great attempt at the accent.Why is this scene on my recommended omfg I LEGIT CRIED WHEN THIS SCENE HAPPENED.You touted sharing 10 ad libbed scenes from movies, but you didn't deliver.Should've been aimed at Uranus.Pocking the eyes, kick in the groin, defense against knife are all techniques that are useless if you are not good.Japanese martial arts is the real one while chinese martials arts is all fake choreography.HELLO, JOHNNY APPLESEAD THAT WASN'T FUNNY-U.

So after images are real.This is dance moves not martial arts.I liked pwan song.Amazing country with amazing people!It is another world.

Superb acting Ravi sir Bindiya mam.Hola waca sensei cuntos aos llevas practicando aikido?I think war was like that only the makers made those conscious decisions.Lo mejor del 2019.I have trained in aikido for 6 years, let me tell you, the forward roll really helped me one time.I posted this on my wall to remember it always.AndI doubt based on the scenes that he had a second magazine ready to reload.Oceans are dying, too many people.

neil delapisa

hahahah funny ending

Ana Novakovic


Syrine Anadias

I feel like throwing up.

Russ The PitBull

Very good thank you Sifu

Donald Verkler

Bruce lie pretty good so was tae kwon do guy wonder where they learned that from I love movies and actors wish I had half there paycheck I'd be living large


Haha "this is crazy"


Meekrobyyz K

Spammy commercial loading.

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Anony Anony

is bullshido.They'd never fight in boxing or UFC.Learn boxing, freestyle wrestling, folk boxing styles, folk wrestling styles, baguazhang, Choi li fut, Southern preying mantis kung fu, Southern white crane kung fu or even kilaripayattu.

Chance Lotman

Love your energy dude, never been ice fishing before but u make it look fun as shit in every video!!!


Kare rai koe e Teupokoenua e rauka. E Upoko rai koe. Ka r Ka r Ka r rai te enua iakoe e Teupokoenua.

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Heaven Earth

Icy cool Blue Green heavenly crystal video!

Dr Hal

new world

Bronco candidato