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Failing that, maybe have Singa buff it out with some tail action?Woahhh it was at what time of the year?BAD PENCILMATE STOP MINE!Y is the lipstick on the lips putted so wrong.

Waoooo what a concept.Well, those underwater shots tell a different story.Can you do a fight scene tutorial?I'm cooky and never stop listening to this song.

This is the best

This is the best

Love the guitar solo.The Godfather part II4.Sly has my X-rays.And all of a sudden I said, you know what, Terry changeStill talks in third person.Especially Ranveer and Ayushmann lol.A LOT English subtitles translations are WRONG!Please do survivor guatemala.Oh my gosh, he had me in stitches with the tempo, tone and volume imitations.I’m guessing the Fililpino attacks in the link would be limited by Japanese armour if applied.Kon kon bhopal s he like kto.

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Reality is lots of young people that "sail around the world" do occasional work for other people that supply a certain market and that's how they finance this expensive hobby.Cause In zombiland your starving.If you were to fly there and check it out, beaches islands?Thanks again for your excellent series.The guy is gonna pull you back and if you wonna flip him he can put his legs around you so you can't turn him over your back.You'll have a time, but they're crazy, be careful.Im making a short video but all the idea mixing up.The resort island is beautiful and you can go around the island in less than 1 hour.Nice summary of some important features, but I have to respectfully disagree on one point: I’d never want to stay square on in a fight.I love shorinji kempo.

It sounds like a prop propelled bomber.Even though the GH5s is a M43, I think its way better than the XT3.The drumming is 2 gudz.If you expect to fight someone.Are they sick or something.Man, i so wish I lived here.Stephenson was BETTER than M.PbTheognostos Yios.I believe this will take me to way higher levels.

Wtf did i just looked at?Way to expensive in costa rica.That bond trailer is sick.Of course i knew this because the instruments were right in front of my face at the helm - until they went dead.All I can say is incredibly awesomedisplay of technique and skill.Im confused who baby is that if she's a virgin.But next time be sure to visit also my place :-)www.Guggu gill is great actor.You are genius.Parthiban sir always.

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For one month I stayed at the monastery in Mt Tremper New York he had developed. He had given a dharma transmission to another, who before his practice was a distinguished clincian. Shortly after John Daido Loori's death, I went to this monastery and my life did indeed change.


Hwo many came after seeing Rikshawali

Derek Wade

Ah yes, 2019, the year a "gamer girl" sold her bathwater and, not to be outdone, Hollywood said, "I can top it!" There isn't a single one of these fucking films that looks even remotely watchable. I want to thank the poster for putting this 21:04 second monstrosity together though. I was watching it while running and it was impossible to skip to another video so I just broke the world record for the 5 mile so I could get off the treadmill and change to a new video. I am dumber for having seen this. Aliens aww going to come and wipe out humanity and give us one chance to present a defense and I'm just going to show this video and declare, "We had a good run." These movies look like lukewarm dogshit is what I'm getting at.

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while you two were playing patty cake, I shot the guy

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Ahir Creation

2 Liberandus Is sitting togather

Prometheus Sama

Gaia the Yujiro bitch

kenny miller

I don't know where you found her but you better keep her appears to be a good one

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This movie is a number of things. First of all it is a culmination of everything that Toby's critics of the Gone In 60 seconds 1 ever wanted, the politically correct, scrupulous and chastised version of it, even though obviously Toby may have taken some of his critics too seriously but then again he wanted to have some fun with it as well. So in the first part some said he was crashing too many nice cars for the value of the movie. Others said he portrayed cops as dickheads for example when they shot through his windshield when he was holding his hands up. So the sequel features mainly junk cars, even many police cruisers. And the police are super nice and play by the book, even when almost run down by the truck, which is also meant to tutor them to obey the rules, and criminals involved in a chase will then reciprocate by constantly sounding the horn and checking their mirrors. Overall though compared to the original this movie sucks and is meant to suck which is what his critics ever wanted, and it is dedicated to them. Halicki wanted to remain dedicated to realism as much as possible while filming the first one, especially the chases, while the second one features cheap camera gimmicks like speeding up the film to make vehicles seem go faster which is how they were doing it back in the old days. And Halicki was obviously resentful at the authorities for withholding release of the original for a few years. Masterpieces are often shelved while some will rip them apart for content. And in the sequel he mocked some of the movies which he felt ripped off his original. Through it all, he still felt the compelling need to junk as many cars as possible where ever he could find them, if not on the road then at least with a rope.


i think you are crazy!!!!! so you riskto dead... don't do it again

Luke Lim

Is Shorinji Kempo difficult to learn?

Annie T

Hey, what drone did you use in this video? Awesome footage btw

Haviar Hafoka


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im sorry , i saw this video with the ridiculous question does bruce lee have a chance against modern guy Bruce lee dodged a bullet literally and broke ribs with his hits tf you mean does he have a chance.

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Gjb song

Ramesh Raju

Remesh RajeshEnde vtlum ond orannam