JCVD is a stand up guy.Pravi beogradski bend.Soooo whats up with the last few seconds when her eyes turn all black and stuff?AMaN hAs faLLeN IN ThE RiVEr IN LeGO cIty.

You are awesome

You are awesome

Thank you, thank you!Onejohnny van zantof lynrd skynrd has signed and give about 15 paintings of mine to go for charity.Por siempre Billy Idol.I say this simply because from what I have seen since around 1995 is an "MMA" schools popping up on every corner.And the Bones fishes in the laguna of Aitutaki are unique, giant bones!Wish that I was there right nowp.Absolutely subtle and well spoken.I am so glad that the only famous person I met was genuine great person.Steven should have shook the mans hand.I'm a fan of Akshay khanna but I don't think he should've been here man every question he doesn't remember come on man I'm sure you remember something.

Thanks for the info Ryan and keep

Thanks for the info Ryan and keep

Song was awesome.I say it's expired, but, honestly, I'd rather have a kit that is old, but has a tourniquet and splints, rather than try to make one on the spot.I actually thought the landscape shots in the good dinosaur looked more realistic.Some of our jobs require this type of technology and we could really fall behind without it.Anyone bayya Sunny yadav fans like me.

Wanna see some

Wanna see some

This song makes my heart glad.May Allah rewards you Janahtul Firdaus.I hope to see more videos like this!However, Aikido has evolved from its origins and tries not to harm the attacker, opponent, but if you search its origins: Aiki-Jujutsu you will see how brutal it was an still is and how it was designed for the Warriors high class to be invincible in the Samurai battlefield, yet be able to fight as a gentleman if attacked by Ninjas in a corridor and you were wearing your clothes to see the emperor himself!Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.Be yourselfit's.He get punch, that hurt but that's how you grow up and learn that you have to respect others.

24 dekika bicha

24 dekika bicha

Jeewan ka bojh jeewan me jeewan bhar uthane ki shamta sabke jeewan me nahi hoti.And Now The Last Ninja In Japan Dont Want To Teach students Anymore.Just like Kendo and Kenjitsu.Bai,swaad aa gya gurchet nu vekh ke.I absolutely love these videos.God Bless the Cook Island!Bahut achha kia.I'm not sure if it's accurate?O'Sensei was not a weak man in his early years and in his youth.Use glass and metal and cloth.

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Oh wow. WTF. Thumbs up.

Jagmohansingh Atwal

Pehile din e ilaj kr dinde aa jatt, aah ta film bnaun lei late feri dang.


Cruz Gladys


iyAD Najim

PizzaiyAD Najim

Steven Haskell

Does this guy TRY to sound like Joe Rogan?

Apathy Guy

And now Giuliani is a criminal undermining democracy itself. Just another organized criminal employing and working for them himself.

Clare Din

Saito is awesome. Built like a brick wall and moves like the wind!

tlc 1955

I want you to sing along with the 5th Dimension - far out...

Harman Khehra

Kala bai jddb

Ben Rehbein

Should be getting more views....crazy world we live in


Cool video, but I still reckon if someone tries to start on me in the street the only part of me that's moving is my bowel.

Ali Munther

Chuck Lucas

Where's Bernie