Ed Sheeran Cute and Funny Moments 2014 (Pt. 1) :D

If you see any demonstration of Jujitsu techniques (Japanese Jujitsu, not BJJ or MMA) you'll will see a similar technique.Yess I love this mix.Mr rajat Sharma.

Imagine being able to say you skied down the fourth tallest mountain in the world.One of stunning martial arts :D.Such a delightful show.Best kites can't fix stupid.Would have been a better thumbnail.Not expensive cars suits and watches.Is the bamboo sword called the shinai because it was a sword where you don’t die or you shinanai meaning to not die.Sir yavaddu station.Ed Norton is truly an amazing actor.

Like Bruce Lees demonstration of the

Like Bruce Lees demonstration of the

God bless you to all.Good graphics but stupid character having a skull face.-How many arrows did you shoot today?Only thing I didn’t like was the cats walking all over the counters and sitting.You got him horsed in!It was really really nice.1:31 "Matt, GET EM!Only joking ho pe all who train n progress to there full potential b!Doctor ka beta doctor neet clear krke bnta h aur jb bnta h tb usko apne profession ka knowledge hota h not like u fucking idiot star kids jinko film v mil jati h aur acting v Ni ati!

I like your video.

I like your video.

Sehr cooles Video,  Gratulation!Shreya ghoshal for Ghar More Pardesiya instead of Shilpa Rao (Ghungroo).Wasted oftime rubish film.MMA and UFC are for little pussy girlymen who's only talent is rolling around on the ground trying to get on top of the other guy like they were in their first fight in grade 4 of elementry school and shows no Martial Arts Skill at all and is as boreing as watching Paint Dry Kung Fu is true Martial Arts for real Men with real skill.Well done thou good and faithful servant are words suited to one who relies on her God to show the way.This guy has AMAZING flow.

Samarth Arora

I am desperately waiting for a day when Sucharita says this was a nice movie

Manju Shrestha

Anyone noticed that these days actors wear same dress in different interviews for same films !!

Legend Unicorn

Jackie Chan at 5:39

Alex Muvara

Mbaye uwa mbere mume likes zanyu

Michael O'Day

Wow he's good! That guy loves the guitar and can make one talk.

Sebas 10p

Este puberto tiene 13 aos !!!!!




10:16 what a nice name xD

Gustavo Cardoso dos Santos


Tony Stark

That’s what happens when you mess with Duane lol


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Epic footage and skills. What an ambassador for our country and the sport.

Dylan Vail

Still so weird seeing kevin Smith so skinny

Dibya Ranjan Das

bulati hae par jane ka nahi!!!!!!!!!

mallu kande

Super movie Dr crazy star Ravi


It's interesting but personally i think Yoshi Shibata explains it so much better : like Yoshi a lot because he explains very slowly and in a manner that is very easy to understand.

Duan Nikoli

ljepo je biti ljep i zanosan sretno

Knight of Christ Jesus

I Like Guru Dutt. I didn't know he was from Bangalore.

El Temible AK-47

muy bonito,me gusta

Junior pena

Listening to his solos is almost as good as sex.


Grabe tinapos ko 44min without skipping. Ewan ko pero walang odle time kc i mean hnd nkakabbored panoorin. Isang bagsakang vlog unlike nung iba putol putol iba yung day q, day 2 at day 3. Anyways ganda te char


If I had a daughter, I would name her Andromeda, too.


Do you have 2006? I think that was the year Aitutaki won the ura pau?