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Wanna do my line.Wendy first dresses up as a "time traveling robot" (the Terminator which is a callback to when a kid at school said she should dress up as such), then tries to dress up in an old princess costume from when she was younger.I love waching this to mixturethat training hardis notes muchthank you.Coconuts n crab?I enjoy practicing and studying music while listening to West Montgomery and just can't seem to get enough of it!

Real Alla Real star Upendra.This is so beautiful they are such beautiful creatures so gentle and playful thank you for this wonderful video.Thank you thank you thank you!You dont give me long hair kung fu with guns, lol.Be water my friend.Everything else flows with reaction.It's means avi v itni achi ladki h iss duniya me.

Lol, I very like Max.

Lol, I very like Max.

Im in love with her character, i know this is gonna be a hetro love story or something like this but ok im watching this cuz of her!Nana patekar best mimicry by school boy Nana patekar best mimicry by school boy Nana is the bst.Only you can save yourself and do your best from yourself, nobody else.2:29 so every gellers vein speaks.This is the reason why i don't mess with grandpas and older people.Old man playing the cop is horrible.

This is the best video on the philosophy of Aikido I've found so far.I actually laughed.Thank you ever so much for this upload.(I have a screenplay, with backstories from Earth, that is.I was there now, in October.Why aren't you using blocks?

Great video and tips.A martial art by definition is the skill to cope with 2 or 3 attackers at nearly the same time.Ewan ko pero walang odle time kc i mean hnd nkakabbored panoorin.Enjoyed the whole thing!Most of the movies on this list have 100% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes lol. From what you wrote I can obviously see that you have no idea about kiting.

Very good verr g.His picture was shown on cover of "Black Belt" magazine.Thank you for sharing this incredible video.Alison moyet what a voice.Skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill make more you have all the all time inWorld of tanks!I actually gave this movie a chance, it's too slow couldn't take it.Only to studetnts"they "can trust.I see this a great deal as a Native American we have a rich culture we still observe while "white america" has none,mostly.

No way he'd have gotten

No way he'd have gotten

So when’s the part when maya turns gold?I know a lot of you will misunderstand my comment, but I am not racist nor I imply anything racist.Does anyone know this Master in Demo?Seen this a fuew times not bad even slept listening to it.The Ice Cream Man should stop dropping his shit all over the place.Man, I love your videos.Which you can choose to uninstall the mail app.Callie"s (Kelly's?Brother and sisters we love you for all ot y06.Pretty Awesome, but please be careful to your comrades.

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Its funny what happens when you mix having suboptimal Iron a strange insular culture and an obsession with ceremony


Now that would be the best martial arts championship ever, because they were the Best of the best.

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I've seen Gilmour twice, if you ever get the opportunity do not pass up the chance.

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For Daffy Duck, I always just assumed it was a pattern in his feathers, I’ve never thought it was a choker or something like that