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Sorry english not my mother languange sometimes I dont understand.M km un un un cct.These programs never show the dark side of Japan.Surprised about idiocracy, though not at all surprised.I am a taijiquan practitioner and seeing this video has taught me and showed me a lot on training ideas.

The Audio sounds good on my phone but a lot of echo on my tv.Congrats to both of u.I agree that it's not very practical, compared to omote, where I make the turn sort of in front of him.Nimubona abakinnyi benshi bihakanye ibihigu byabo bagakinira ibihugu byifite ntimuzabarenganye.

I love Marc Metral and his dog

I love Marc Metral and his dog

But one on 100 can happened.The bus is not 20 metres or 13tons More like 11 metre and 8 tons.Fight club end scene - where is my mind.Lee sung kyung is so underrated.Now I am curious about Batman.First you have a Canon Camera, in the end is Nikon?

Hope you will make similar shoots

Hope you will make similar shoots

Im doing this because i've lost a bet but then now i started training i actully got really motivated and wants to run a marathon right as i become 18 years old, right now im only 16.Since you couldn’t wear a microphone, and the sound was already weak.I would love for all of you who is talking shit to challenge him live?The sensei AND the student are in one, and the SENSEI controlls the SITUATION (call it energy if you like this, i preffer "events"), BECAUSE the student is DIRECTING (pushing!Great fishing too.You need to do a beer drinkers walking tour of London.Stanley is gorgeous!What an amazing vlog video thanks sharing your experience with me if you get the chance.

Hurhur vanni lai chahi

Hurhur vanni lai chahi

I would love to swim near one.It's truly a fantastic place.Taylor Lautner trained in XMA in Illinois, under Mike Chat (of WMAC Masters and Power Rangers fame) and Matt Mullins (who was Len in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and has been in other martial-arts films).You should do one on Nairobi Kenya the only city in the world with a National park complete with the big 5.Many thanks for this detailed help and all the invested time to do it!That old man strong as man!Jeff went on to Hollywood and has been in countless movies including Big Trouble In Little China and Blade.Genjeeeeeehhhhh.The wordplay in this is hilarious lmaooooo.

Und was ist

Und was ist

Please download it.Murebe tena ibyojyananga mwajyamushora mukayisohora mbega mwebwe mubamushaka kutwichisha amatsiko koko.Good concept, but you guys need to work on production.Ed: So when i d.Muohahahah time to teach my older brother some lesson.Now science is in the pick point.Reason 241 why you should keep your landline phones!In BJJ you and your partner are humbled by reality.

The best advise: dont

The best advise: dont

How to sell Japanese martial arts to Westerners:1.Congratulations to you if you realize your childhood dream.Pause video Deadpool is there at 0:26.Aitutaki is the most beautiful place on earth i ve seen, so far.So, what if they are wrong?Aishwarya, no matter what anyone says, has proved herself as a beauty icon and formidable actress.Make some more videos like this.

Aikido was my dream when

Aikido was my dream when

Black Lives Matter have legitimate grievancesbecause of blacks being killed by cops".Many thanks for posting this.New steven seagal.28 mins in, what am I watching?A few months ago a guy in the street grabbed me by my sleeve, next to the elbow ( real-life grab ).His armbar sucks lol.It has transformed my double hauling, and improved my flyfishing immensely.

Vishal Sharma

Karan Bhai

Fernando Sanz

Best interviewer to sit across Sir Tarantino

Ravi Nayaka

Super movie

joey Depalmer

guys get killed wearing a vest being shot by a 5.56mm round but another guy lives when he gets shot with a anti tank rocket? what bull. funny as hell but watchable

John Kean

Took Smith a while to be part of the program but good flik.

Curtis Westsail

Shaun Thanks again for a very entertaining video. Your filming and editing are excellent. I live on my Westsail 32 in Victoria BC and post a weekly video on living aboard boats. I plan to sail south in about a year and do the same trip you have done. My dream is to become a shell back and sail to Hiva Oa . When I plan my root I see so many Atolls in  French Polynesia I think where should I stop and which islands should I visit? It is worth it to visit some of these remote atolls or is it best to go to Tahiti, Tonga ECT all the regular places. I know there is a short season for sailing because of Typhon's so it is best to continue on to New Zealand or perhaps stick around and do all the little islands? I also worry about places to anchor in these atolls. Thanks again your amazing story.   

Anma Young

whats the song in the back ground please


Quality of acting close to shit


So you know how much you are in debt, because these words all sound the same.... 1 million seconds equal 11 and 1/2 days.1 billion seconds equal 31 and 3/4 years.1 trillion seconds equal 31,710 years.

Ambi Lokey

So sweet girl

Jonas Schreiner

very nice dud

Nick Fish

Your edits / filming is on point

the continuous one

women being nice to each ,on a soap opera , short lived indeed


Nice vids but slowing the moves down step by step would be great for us to learn.

rajappa siva

No entry remake


that was great



Comp Tazzzo

Wanna a sprite cranberry


the way he talks sounds very much like Donald Trump, just saying. Coincidence?

John Doe

Those who play Crusader Kings 2 know all about these tactics.