Derh-Hoshiyaar - True Story l Sajid Ali

I'm unsure as to why his opponents aren't trying to beat him.Nawajuddin at 16:14.Love our andMeagan's vids.I got a 14 34 inch perch out of oak lake.I'm so happy you are still alive.Just a thought you may want to look up randori :).Only John Belushi could be Kirk.

Really good video thanks.Not allowing nawaz to talk, for whom we came to watch and listen to the video.I will surf those beautiful waves soon enough.Hard slam to black.Very nice movie.6 year for this 10 mint movie why such a long time.This video reminded me, how I enjoyed them.Zen is aware, void of self, simply zen is now, not later or before, it is this moment, am i correct?Not as good as Stepping Stone or the original.This is the shit that gives aikido a bad name.

Wakayama owns the

Wakayama owns the

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Aikido is a self-defense martial art designed to disable your attacker without the use of a weapon like sword or knife.Sisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisi.Let me see if I can inlighten you on the practical use of aikido.Do you really think that I haven't been into a real fight.Would it have been at the theater you show here?All well filmed.

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I dedicate this to the only one my heart and soul really wanted but never came about. I will always love in ways you will never understand, Because of u willnever love again, I will always love Patrick

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I believe what a lot of people who talk bad about Aikido dont realize is that Morihei Ueshiba wanted people to learn to flow and connect with others and be more harmonious with life energies. Yes it has a defense aspect to it and can be modified just as a harmless, beautiful plant can be made into a poison or a medicine. I think people who only want MMA and combat / special forces or whatever results are missing the point.People also forget that many of the martial arts were designed in a time where most people are not worried about competition and fighting as much as we all do these days there also was not so many classes on combat arts all over the world as they are now so some of these were truly used for self defense as well and some of them were used to save lives because it was the only method of training to defend yourself against the tyranny of governments and rogue groups that went around raping and pillaging.I think we need to learn to appreciate the different martial arts for what they are and what they were meant for and I think some people should stop trying to group everything into their ideas of whether or not one thing is better than the other you see this all the time these days putting simple things against each other is Aikido better than Muay Thai, is Tae Kwon Do better than Savate etc. Its a very immature thing that reminds me when I was young with the whole "Well my dad is better than your dad" concept,When both parties should have just been happy that they had good parents that they could brag about.


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Yes, Aikido is about self improvement, but still MUST be suitable for an actual fight. As an aikidoka with over 20 years experience I realized that at least 80% of my fellow aikido practitioners around the world just make it FAKE.

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