David Ramsey demonstrates "Stephen Amell's School of Butt Acting"

If anyone knows of any filming locations I would love to hear from you.Why was this deleted?The reason why I want to learn Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo and Muay Thai is to become John Wick.This was time od their lives, and u can feel that.Anyone interested in Bruce Lees method of whats he trying to teach here can follow nowadays Master Dk Yo.

Prava stvar, pravi bend, pozz iz Zg-a.I had a video of Hitler Shapeshifting into a Deity that looked like an Anubian Dogman Entity, but the Nazi Liberal Left Lunatics at Google removed it using their New Fake Guidelines Rules: The Elites don't want anybody to know about the Supernatural connection that Hitler had with the Fallen Angels.As usual chutti arvind anna performance ultimate.I watched all of it, but just everything about the main character, his dad, and the mom just made me lol.Your poor balls!It also doesn’t rip you downwind so it’s great for learning downloops and kiteloops without jumping super high.

He was a real badass back in the

He was a real badass back in the

The Communist party did not allow any kinds of real sparring at that time.You wanna film at 10760 frames?Not bad for self defense, but it would never work well in something like MMA.Wow, this is a precious video.Not even the people that have left want to return and theres 500 odd on Norfolk Island so that alone tells me its a hell hole in the middle of nowhere.I enjoyed seeing you utilize "The World's Fastest Gun Disarm" for knife as well with strikes to the choke-takedown.This is great work, a very well done review.Enjoyed this tremendously.

He should have made a sequel of

He should have made a sequel of

I love to fight but not wish damage, mabey to pride but not body, have to work.Katy dion celine perry.Also, if you believe you are so incredible like you act like you are on the internet, I would love for to see you on the mat with this Grandmaster.All this is is ASMR.Psychiatrist: Are you afraid of colors?Gaia : why wont you die?Alguien vio la panti.

MMA denotes a combat sport whereas Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do was a philosophy or approach to martial arts.What are you using to keep your baits alive?Sriganganagar veer.The red guy wasteful.The soccer skin is thicc.

I didn't see ANY wing chun cept maybe for a couple of blocks.My friend and I want to learn kite boarding.Treat them as a movies that all.Because all men have.And of course, avoid fights unless totally necessary.Very awesome thank you.6 awesome days in my life.This sounds like such a fun instrument to play.Also Eastern health styles inc.


D 2020..


This is all staged, choreographed crap.

Irfan gaming


Lily in A Box

What camera and audio was used shooting this? Great film by the way. Man is just about to make a short film soon and if my film was half as good as yours I would be one happy brother

Dukjin Im

As soon as a saw the faux Bruce Lee dazzle dazzle pose, I knew this would suck.

Dilip Rawat

cigar video

Lorenzo Garza

Bro he doesn’t age the only thing that changed was his voice


Loved to had seen him talk about his X-FIles appearance. Heres an idea, take actors well known now but not at the time to share their X-Files episode appearance.

angel tanwer


The Muffin

Gotta love a good ol video essay

Natalie Jane

Such a beautiful underrated song

David L

Title of biggest waves ever super misleading. You guys talk about it at about 17 minutes but we don’t even see it at all. Otherwise you have an interesting videos, I got to say the little lady is easy on the eyes when in a tight swimming suit... But yeah please don’t mislead us with sensationalized titles!

Michael Haig

Very nice movie.. Thank you StarMedia for posting these wonderful movies. I watched some of them and I'm planning to watch all the remaining ones. I liked all of which I saw until now. Russia is really good in making movies.

Black Adam

I need a 10 hour version of the final murmur

Stephanie Lai

What is the liquid you use for your gdome?

Dwarkanath Jee

Uttama abhinaya jai Vishnu ji

Local GamerZ

That robot remind me to japanese anime film "LAPUTA"

Rosemary Loeak

definitely cool stuff...cheers from RMI!!

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Setenza N family

lol nice job

Hezler B

I wanted to say that throughout history there have been many individuals with no power at all that have ruled and left a mark without the use of politics or corruption such as spiritual leaders but then I realized that it only was because there was some great oppressive force that ralied the masses to listen to a message of hope and love which in turn became a structure. This structure may overthrow the worst of dictators but then create new "spiritual" dictators like the vatican and start the entire cycle all over again... There truly is no escape from this... Unless we delegate all management to an unbiased intelligence that distributes resources aka wealth to everyone equally and is not subject to election except for its initial launch. In other words an A.I. that has no "intelligence" and functions more or less like a calculator that delegates tasks and structures human activity liken to that of a hive/ U Social organism.

Old Age Teddyboy

Its one of those questions everyone hates to answer, as you cant just name one, there are usually 3 maybe 4, so im going to add them, as equals, the first one is Toshiro Mifune, what a great actor, he was the modern Samurai, and they were the parts he played the most.Goes without saying that Jet Li is up there as well he has done some great films, my favorites are the period pieces, you have large armies great settings, and some great martial arts.Donnie Yen, again for his period acting, i like the historic films, and China does some great action battles, it doesnt matter if they are subtitled i have got used to reading, i also have the sound up so i can hear how they are speaking.Hiroyuki Sanada, his early Samurai films were very good, he played the part of ishida Mitsunari in the battle against Tokugawa Ieyasu that was known as Sekigahara, he was a student of Shinichi Chiba, also known as Sonny Chiba, i could go on but these 4 i like..

Pedro's Vlog

This is the worst one in the franchise.