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Absolute harmonyThank you.I dont think you study BJJ otherwise you would know better than to say what you just did.Because they wanna go "reverse" the damage being done.I'm glad you could come, how you doin', give me your coats.I remember him as Wes in the movie Urban Cowboy.

The name escapes me.This reminds me of the boy in the dress.Watch this video of Shinya Aoki breaking an opponent's arm with Waki-gatame:with arm and wrist locks, the ankle and leg locks we learn in Aikido are extremely painful and they have been used successfully many times in MMA competitions.

It is a magical place.I'm pretty sure Middle Zealand is between Zealand and New Zealand.When I get rich Im not buying a big house.Yenna thandi poravale ora kannal oru parava pathu yenna konna.I had this discussion a few weeks back in my dojo about no one is creating any new styles or techniques and yet O'Sensei wanted it to evolve and be a living Martial Way and for Aikidoka all over the world to add to his palette of what he created.

Ne znam ko si al kao da tu si vec vekovima, ajde uzmi me za ruku da smejemo u lice vertovima.Video starts at 1:32.Super swasika All the best.Is this the Hollywood feminist Channel?Now I bet if that was Tommy gun and chosen pushed him like that Tommy gun would have broke his jaw.What drone do you have?

Damn the places look rough?

Damn the places look rough?

And the chow chow.Miss and love you always my daddy Late Rev Ngatokorua Junior Pepe.2020 ma Kon Kon deakh raha ha ya video 24-2-20 like Karo.I see Aikido as a joke.Third, a martial art teaches the basics of the art of the body's movement.Many lives were sacrificed for this information.Before watching endgame take a movie review each mcu past films.I hate the others.

Cool video pencimate.

Cool video pencimate.

Everyone talking shit in the comments wouldn't have said a word of this to the man face especially 30 years ago when hewas in his prime.Paint ya fingas nek time, too fass bro!He tried to kick a downed opponent in the head. Im curious How bad is the seaweed sargassum there?His famous wife and baby were murdered by the most famous murderers in modern world history,and he's still winning Oscars.

You like steven seagal for speed moves.Yours efforts must be praised.I bet it was taking time, but like Iron Sky guys from Finland, everything can be managed.The Naavi are too backward to have interstellar alliances.Get the fuck out of here you big piece of shit.MMA has produced alot of great students but also alot of jerks.Love the aikido takedowns and the pressure testing is good although even in a supposed non contact style with enough practice some contact inevitably happens and one has to simply get used to it and continue.The only country in the world.

10:16 it takes pencilmate 5 hours to

10:16 it takes pencilmate 5 hours to

Its always fun if you make it fun and IT'S ALWAYS GOOD TO FLY A KITE.Uttrakhand me aoo.Full-HD 1920x1080 pixels, and the camera records in 1920x1088 (yeah 88, don't know why :D) pixels.I would like to put you at the table with my teachers of Aikido, order a big blonde beer for everybody and it is incredible how much same ideas, points of view and approaches you would find in common.Kick me in the pills.PbCoco's Guesthouse Koh Phi Phi.Otherwise, people would start the usual "self defence" crap arguments, that is, insisting that no matter how good you are in strikinggrappling, one or two dirty techniques can completly nullify a whole proven fighting system like thai, bjj or wrestling.What an episode!

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Why does John get a special handshake?


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Another BS martial art.. Hold me just like this and I will show you how to escape.. No put your left hand here.. Do not deviate from the script.. In a street fight no matter what strength overpowers.. Fear and indecisive actions will get you hurt.. Most people who get hit in the face or any type of pain infliction will completely collapse this is a fact so all of this stuff is complete BS

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Great filming , editing , music . totally entertaining !!!

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Thank you Forza horizon

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Great actor and intlegent man nawaz

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None of you guys could of made it a little easier for Mike or what? What if dude had another knife on him and stabbed Mike? Probably would of thought about each of you guys grabbing an arm and a leg then huh

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Early yes


Gotta roll the Rs bro Kia oRRRRana


Cool, looks like nano tech on steroids!

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Good stuff

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Mma Indonesia 5:07

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Thanks for tuning James down a bit. a little less cringe is nice. This was an awesome video keep killing it guys, I love your content.