CEYRANSAN SƏN (Resad Dagli, Perviz Bulbule, Orxan Lokbatanli) Meyxana 2013

Should we change by using force to techniques in Aikido?Visiting California in about a month, definetly gonna visit this beautiful place :-).That big guy is weak af.The actor who played Morgan Freeman, toward the end, I like how he played the scene.What's that little house (11:40) with the people inside?Another load of bollox!

  I would really appreciate

  I would really appreciate

Lol he laughed about the name samantha that was great!Gaming is 100 percent immersive every sencece is involved.Not to mention your video editing skills are on point.Unfortunate HarshFacts: Cyanide is also in rice which people consume on a regular basis.I still cant understand what her 8 odd minutes part added to the mix.You know Steven comes take care of Biz.This is the most beautiful ive ever seen her look.Swayamvaram old movie Gali vanalo Video Song super.It's not women but it's men's thought which is weak.Still making me sob at 2019.

Omg we used this song for my mass demo in my school Mca because our theme is retroFotloosoe 2?Omg I sow a episode that that girl thick.And if the lagoon isn't enough for you, travel agents have just voted the beach on One Foot Island as the best in the whole of the Australia-Pacific region.I love such places.WATCH HOW HE KICKS!I don't think (s)he ever created a game.

Yesu das is great manEaxxlent song.Any specific type of uchimata is good for shorter judoka?Thank you for sharing.He wasnt just BS'ing when he said that they were aggressive.It is wonderful to see compassion and restraint in training, shows how advanced not only the technique but the mindset of training is.


Awesome thanks for sharing!

Andrea Avendao

It's so weird not to see you on the road, but it was a great series either way. The footage was spot on!

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100 million views ho gaya thoko like


Oh god,is it sneha???

asif ali

Asifali khokhar

Dave Olivera

Amazing bro, saludos desde Uruguay

peter okeefe

my god an effeminate tiny boy as Julius?? where did they get this cast?? great set,script but the casting is awful

Tibs the Skittle beef child

2:14 me and the Bois sommoning a demon

Susan Samb

Amo esta voz es unico Enrique Iglesias la neta escho est rrola solo x el,


This is why I dont go to the theater or watch tv. Shit is so boring now. You can argue I'm a hipster and I'd have no follow up but I just prefer boondock saints or fight club over any of this. The newest movie I actually enjoyed was joker and that's it

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Ibbara naduvina muddina aata filmupload maadi