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10:29 guessin rex-kwondo didn't work out for ya did it.Its good to choke big guy and crawl onto him.I dont understand that vid.Terrible plot, poor sound.Your passage would require too much time.I'm surprised no one asked for a sequel to their fighting game id love a Wu-Tang video game for Xbox in 2k19 36Chambers4Life WuTang4ever.Danny the Dog aka Unleashed, is a very underratee Jet Li film.

Family reaction was lovely Love you brother.This is so scaryyyy.If so, what year was it?In theory, it's easy, but when you're facing someone down, see how much WC stays in your body.

You will need a lot of sun tan lotion where you are going.The acting wasn't great but the it was very well filmed.The good looking girl is Dutch?Fuck u judge if anyone did what he did to a cop it would be life.Can you try a tai no hanka and a video on sen no sen go no sen these whats not talked enough about in the aikido communityspecially here on youtube which i think are the main things missing in aikido teachings nowadays and think its a major draw back in the way it is taught i mean what has happened to those three princibles specially as they are the core of aikido methods and ive got a feeling you'll make a good video on these things since i'm liking your content so far and i would love to see a response.Once learned you wont ever let the 2 hand grab happen as you are worried about the 2nd guy in front.You didn't do a good job at editing anything your a loser.Happend many many times but as the European versions are one ore more decades old, most people don't recognize that they are watching a bad copy.I know, there's none of the pretend or make believe Aikido for this guy, he's all about the real!Ironically if he did not do this they would all be dead.

Or just a knife?Patua o kotou rongo!So, I write an article and you copy my shit and put it on your list?The million dollars he gave to a Tibetian guru to have him declared a previous life Tibetian former guru saint isn’t helping.What is more, it's a SAFE training tool.

The videos you make a very cool and they're very funny.This land belongs to the daughter of Kainuku-tamoko-ite-Rangi and Putaereere-a-Pa.It's now 2020 and Star Trek has been in reruns and cable Netflix.It's just a money grab and people just lap up anything Disney.Herdaina mailay tw without riyasa dd.

You guys must watch slow interview by neelesh

You guys must watch slow interview by neelesh

Thank you for you sharing your knowledge and thoughts.Sometimes there is only a movement that makes difference between death or life.Incredible series.Aa jawai ha ke ja lol ha.I appreciate the DP interviews but this was a great idea for a video.Awesome video, we really love it ).PbKhandu Ningoji.If the angle (theta) between the two cables in tension (T) was 60 degrees, the load (L) experienced by the tree would beL 2T cos(theta2)Check if the calculator used expects angles in degrees or radians.Hello, nice to meet youIt's a wonderful video.Where is exactly the magic hot spring?

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Who is crying with me from kenya

Deepak Chacko


Roman Kudlata

Nothing but respect to German craftsmanship and engineering the best. Congrats!

Raymond rose

I thought it had a good build up to the climax. Great filming and acting.


Troll: You have to go to the north...Me: Go from the north, to the northern north.

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Comment vaayikathe video kandavar

Venkatesh Venky

Superb comedy movie

Akash nkm Nkm

Anaswara rajan super

ricardo clemente

why didn't he appear on season 9, was he sick? thanks


Actually before i watched the whole drama, when i saw this clip i thought the main character was the boss and park shin hye hahaha

Riley dennard

I never knew emma thompson was in harry potter


now THIS is the hulk I wanted to see in endgame.I can't imagine Thanos being able to do that

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Hey yhy yh. Hey. Th ty h ty

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No skinsNo fancy jewelryNo dazzling audio equipmentNo problem

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Hey, its Boldric