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Beautifully shot.But a good kicker won't leave his foot out there long enough for you to grab.She must pay that 50000 birr.I also really like the songs - what is the name of the songs?This is not Aikido.And thats fun to watch.Thanks Lenny Sky for staying true to your beliefs and challenging those involved on their beliefs.We had a wonderful event at Doha last week (ANOC 2019 Doha - World Beach Games ) with bouldering( games.

For the keel and clearance.

For the keel and clearance.

A talented and respected person,.Love the travel vids, they are mint, hey -).Others are not that on point as this.Inhe boliye ki ye log film bhi english ki hi kre.Great location for a week away if the wind is good!

At the moment im flying the 744.Annu kapoor, complex dene me laga hua h english bol k.Aikido did not work out)).Who is here after Blinding lights by Weeknd?Having them even in the dining area is really bad lol.

Btw cool shirt :D.

Btw cool shirt :D.

Bhai kaise banate ho ap log.Hey LennySteven segalI apologize if I spelled that wrongBut anyways has a new movie outCalled the China salesmanIt also stars Mike Tyson in lead roleBut him and Steven do fightAnd I was wondering if you could do a video reaction to this fightI am very much intrested to know what you think of itThe movie is called the China salesmanAnd I think Tyson and Steven choreographed this fightthemselves.Hoshiko got lucky I'd say.He is right, she should have hugged him after saving her from that guy but all she did was bitch and moan.Love the hobby but hate the aristocratic attitude and pricing that comes with it.Thank you sir for what you do.I'm pretty sure that one of the prerequisites to get into this "sport" is being a douche bag.

This looks like a great hike!The Lord and Music will change your life, guaranteed!It is saver to hit with the flat hand and with the thumb on.That art certainly lends itself to flamboyant representation in the celluloid work, not realism.You are clearly not a master, you miss your chance every time he strikes to make him your bitch so you become his bitch.

I cant say I liked the format.The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda.Please do learn Saito Sensei Jo as well as Mitsugi Saotome Jo.Thanks for sharing.Good see sista Tai.Mostly that happens because is much easyier to teach people with a lowIQ to fight.It really depends of the weather.Don't talk about that.

John wick 4 leaked.I’ve watched the original Toy Story and in my opinion it still holds up nicely.Nature is buteful.Really bro we r waiting for ur video,s.Rather these Muslims are the persecutors who had made the world and my country hell.Total waste of trees.Running almost passive "server" with four 2.He knows how to teach the right way and makes it easy to learn, he is ahigh skilled fighter, I love his videos!


Dam farkn awesome Mere.Her voice is unique to the Cook Islands.I have never heard anyone as good as Mere. Keep it up Gnurl!!!

Onne Djunet 0406

Masih kurang untuk bahasa indonesianya

Will Toffan

Why do we now say " they passed" when someone dies? For the first 60 years of my life, we said people"died." Does it sound less final this way?

Pilar Rios Castaeda

Una parte del vdeo es horrible como le va a quitarse comida exageradamente? Hasta le daraun dislike

Stimey Mccslimey

I actually missed it reading comments damn that was fast

Dante Vargas

Woooh yes at last my beloved country!Ive waited for this. And i even requested you guys to visit us and now you did. Thanks a lot im an avid viewer of your channel..i love you guys

Andy Ngu

If you think about it, it seems as if all of Elsa's hit songs happen in the middle of the night.

RJ fishing

great fish in panama..

Sharlotte Swinton

Every end of day no no no

Don't just take, give.

Is that former WWE Superstar CM Punk, beside Ed O'Neal in that picture with the 2 other guys beside them?

Everyday Excellence

Yes. One translation from Japanese means "earth." In jujutsu and similar arts, this is where we want to plant the bad guy in most cases (and why good ukemi is important).

TotenAuge (DeadEye)

Great video! Thanks for sharing...

fakieh hammertanggung

masyaallah beutiful

Dale Parker

Sure.You ever really been in a fight with someone that knows how to kick?

Crazy Dev

Abhimanyu dasani deserve

SirenWave Mtv

video starts 3:36

Emily Williams

You got pro camera skills

Bhim Gurung

Hur hur bhatvate giraule

Shiva Mp

Damn those fighting scene ....... So real.. salutes to acting skills

Ren Kat

Ohhh i get what you're saying, but still...that's like saying confining someone in their house will protect them from murderers :S


Great camera work