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Whereas low kickers are bottom feeders I'm sorry but that's just how it is.Where is part 2?And the idiot I refur tois my self.PbMaria Mataiti-Orika.My whole life has been like watching Toshiro Mifune Akira movies put in an infinite for loop.'Budo is not the means of felling the opponent by force.The sounds are not accurate with the video sorry.Fake the guns a paid actor.

Just Look how he cares for her Sister Arpita, who was adopted by his father.He is the only one to whip Jason.Hi you have any money to some days yes no.What is the name of this actor here 0:35.This is what mma and ufc should look like.Naki hardcore hangi meannnn ).Jednostavan a ima sve :) BRAVO.

Dan Inosanto is respected

Dan Inosanto is respected

You practice for muscle memory in the event the opportunitypresents itself to apply a learned technique.Now Rokas with Sensei Sly permission has this video judged by his bjj buddies.This film is brought to you by ADVIL.It takes a good one to make me laugh.I lived in Peterborough many years ago and I would love to see it again.It is also a style heavily influenced in tradition and often highly regimented in teaching ( part of the reason it gets a bad rap).Two hours well spending to watch this video,very nice crew, the best cockpit movie.She is the Japanese I have ever seen,who speaks English so well.Aaahh putain mon cul!

It's gotta be a joke.If I did make any batman movie with those key points that would help with my filmmaking.Ten kdo to pekldal je debil.When this cartoon shall be on tv.Commercial interruptions more annoying then the snakes--geesh-----.Seriously, his solos are as good as his acting, fighting, and shitting his pants.How much did the whole process cost?So, moral to this story is, train hard at martial arts so you can eat meals for free, YEY, great lesson for our children!Cant wait till I get my firstb 10.Punjabi sad song kis kis ko like?

The Randori wasn’t even full go.I can't imagine why these KM folks tolerated this crap for so long.Here's a link to it:Smooth Safe Sailing to you all, "Curiosity" -- Affections and Compliments, SV "Windwalker" -- John 3:5-8.Extremely grateful for this Video!On a good note Mere i love your performances, you are such a talented beautiful young soul, and i hope you would carry on and share this amongst our mapu and younger generations needless to say, i love how you feel the music in your performances it makes me feel it aswell, omg all your DOTY vids.Flies love stink and filth!

Great Video, was the water cold?You really did an excellent work!I love wing chun.Bt big fan og ur.Never got my head around it.

The fact that we’re having this

The fact that we’re having this

Can't wait to watch this 5th episode.Bryan Justin Crumb is just as good if not better than Adam Lambert and he should be healing for Queen or on his own, and we have heard nothing about him since he was on AGT this man should be touring all over the world he is beyond talented just amazing vocals!IF ONLY IT WASN'T ALREADY TO LATE FOR TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS.The fact that it has been 5 years and i just now am watching this makes me feel sad.My mate thought the 'Boobies' were nice and were the most entertaining part of the movie.In real life, the chilli goes in the soup and the spoon goes in the eye.I have been to Costa Rica and I didn't know a lot of the inform he shares here.A year later that dream came true.Thanks Carolyne Myss.

But th best part was

But th best part was

And raid my toollbox here on the Jersey Shore.(from Mike under Steve Kaufmann in NC)p., sailing wise, i may catch up w you in about 10 yrs.We are big fans of CCL.Who wrote this eww.C'mon now, how can even a 11yr.I'M EXCITED AS SHT.,y,f,h,gf,u nkkkkkkkkkm, b.Educational at the same time.


Just glad to see lots of Fuji cameras here, never regret switching from Sony to Fuji

Paul George

This song now will always reminds me of my late Dad Teariki Andrew, thank you Brother Tzar for the beautiful memory, God bless.

Deva raj



1) Jaws2) Casablanca3) The Big Sleep4) Citizen Kane5) Treasure Of The Sierra Madre

Bruna Higino Disney top mlp

2:42 relember kids save the earth

Gayathri rasu

A must watch


I love ju-jutsu and judo,you have great videos here.

Walt Gogo

Great song although I always found the first solo line by Kate Pierson a bit odd, Boy mercury shooting through every degree. Boy mercury? Is she referring, never mind.

Carl Hicks Jr

So, here's the thing... there simply is no narrative. There isn't any actual story to it. The beginning bit with the Inquisition team had something, but after that it's just gory hack n' slash interspersed with liturgical nonsense. If that was what you intended, then you did a good job. But if there is an actual storyline in here anywhere, I fail to see it.

Meg Sarna

what compulsions this lady had to live in a van so tiny that her commode sits next to her kitchen cooking area. what kind of hygiene can she have? smell of shit, urine mixing with smell of food?? sad but true!! god save us from these compulsions!

Julianna Ruiz Mendoza

Jet Li has to be in 2 and Jackie Chan is the 3


This made me cry and I have no idea why.

noah monster

I cant sto-hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Denizer. if

Yo, that is not ip man, that is "ip man: the legend is born"


Omg. I never knew that Yuen Wah was the guy that told Bruce to walk like a dog! I must have seen that scene 30 times abs never noticed!