Anomaly 666 's Rampage By elq movie and Anomaly 223

He annoys them at least, and that's amusing.Been to Aitutaki twice and also stayed at Paradise Cove both times.Except Parthiban, vetrimaaran, GVM,Baddy.000 ft, only flying at 1000ft, will be able to see great views.Wish nothing but good things for you X.

Dear sensei Sly Can I ask you to give advise or video to explain the TENSHIN NAGE Technique as it causes to me a big confusion I feel that it requires very much power to be executed.Wow, good job, I can bearly understanding whatyou say.We do continuous sparring every class and it's always against the blackbelts.Thanks for this, as a kid I always wished to be a ninja, didnt want video to end, amazing person!Everyone should watch this spectacular video, its hard to imagine anything more beautiful and totally natural.),it's one of the most beloved reminiscences on my voyages around the world.Absolutely superb.

2:55-2:59 BN-2A.Agreed, overall well done.His move are so graceful and controlled, the uke barely needsto tap the mat.My post is pointless if not to highlight the folly of ridged judgmental trains of thought, open your minds your ass will follow?Mumbina Akka bharathnagar school.

Interesting video!If you are up for it, I would like to volunteer my aikido knowledge for part 2 of your film, or any films you guys might make in the future.Thank you for posting that - the film was GOOD.When its not enough to ruin joker so you set out to ruin morbius too.THEN SOME CHINESE BOXING, THEN KUNG -FU,WING CHUNG.I would go mad to live there.Jocko's neckvein can bench more than I can.People just genuinely having a good time.Norton absolute biggest dickhead in Hollywood.0:35 yayyyy my country.

I'l be honest being raised by women at your childhood and no fatherly figure impacts your life later on.That and I might just be reading too much into it.What a great video!Do these two make anyone else sick to watch?4:48 "Nothing in this movie defies the laws of physics" except for the one bit when Max grabs a dead war boy out of a car one handed and throws him away like he weighs only 1 kilo.Highway to nowhere if you cant trick lib media into attacking her.10:40-11:00 that's nasty.I wanna go to the beach.

Kyudo is meditative discipline of

Kyudo is meditative discipline of

Indebted to my family and dear husband.Great interview!TAKE A BIG SIP!Very, very well done!I'm just about to embark upon the long journey of learning to fly fish, I've ordered a 9 foot, 6 weight rod and proper reel to start, and am just waiting for them to arrive to begin my education.

What is he

What is he

Dear Laura Jennings please let’s go shopping on my checks.They hate faith, Jesus Christ, and love power and control.He needsto get fit and trim, and get back to doing those action adventure movies we loved him in.Much respect to the ukes toop.Bhai gar ki feeling share jarur karna.Joe asked Ed how he came to work with Rickson Gracie.The wig suit scene was REAL!I just watched this till the end.

As it relates to the kote gaeshi issue raised by Pranin Sensei, it feelslooks as though Nage creates hisher own problem, by projecting the energy out and down, Uke naturally rolls on hisher center vertical (spinal) axis, bringing their far arm back into play.IT CAN'T BE DUPLICATED!Creppy stalker eel.Mabuhay ang philippines.Laughs in IP Man.Those hard earned lessons made for a lasting impression.Move at mi eye when they are commitedon the attack or grab.I learned so much from this video!Chi lo sta ascoltando ancora nel 2020?


I wonder why they keep coming back to Otake, Sugino is the real heir to the former master.

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Been waiting for this since the wedding vid

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Master Hiko is god.

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I got myself the Steelbook edition of Shazam and the design of the cover art is perfect. Zachary Levi is a kid at heart. He is the ultimate fan that represents all the fans and you see that in his portrayal of Shazam. He is born to play this role because it felt as if he stepped out of the comic book pages.

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Judge:"Why are his pants on" me: cuz he has an emberssing secret underneth-

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Oh I thought they wore gloves to keep there hands clean from all the haters

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Interesting moves

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 There speaks a man with no knowlege, making the classic mistake. As a student of shotokan karate and taekwondo in my younger days, and aikido over the last few years, let me explain it to you. As an honorable martial art,there are no aggressor moves in aikido, it is purely defensive and it is not a striking art. Therefore you cannot spar (cos attackings not allowed). Therefore each interaction has to have an aggressor (the victim in the end) and the defender (who performs the move) in a choreographed way.  The aggressor has to be skilled in rolling etc, or he will get hurt. Trust me, aikido is genuine and much more dangerous than striking arts, and a skilled practicioner could disable you in seconds.

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We called it Rock and Roll.


Pathetic! He has yet to face my GIANT ANACONDA!

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Adam sandler part just hilarious

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Good demo. Easy to process and practice. Merci beaucoup!

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Love only jet li hero

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4:01 sounds like bilbo from the 1978 lord of the rings dub by walking taco dubs

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Sirrraaa movie aa