Animaljam Trading proofs!

Compliments Thanks.I dedicated my acoustic guitar track to it titled Romance In Tuscany I want to go to Italy so bad, but I am a city dweller from Connecticut so i have no idea where to start.The song is from a youtuber called FGteev.

I am not here to

I am not here to

So, Robert Deniro?Kamal hai yaar I'm speechless.What’s so funny about a black belt picking off lower belts?Now that's Yip JackMa.That looks nothing like when i am fixing my stuff!Some great classics using it to educate our Niue Youth.All states forest life is under so much threat let alone the houses and people who live here!

Both the English and the Germans are repressed as a people, which turns to Sadism.No one seemed to care since I was a Pakeha Very Sacred.1 immediately came to mind.(Consider: I know less about these characters' motivations and relationships after the whole short than the people in Tony Stark's Humvee after two minutes of dialogue in Iron Man.That was an outstanding video.My favorite family movie scene, family movies jodi no 1 tiger prabhakar and bharathi ammap.Bhaji tank bag waterproof hai.I have come across your video of kite surfing.1:45 1:46 enjoy music.

Brilliant portrayal of Hyde as a psychopathic gorilla jumping around and joking with a man he thinks he's about to dismember.Someone explain the ending please.If you like stupid humor then this is the movie for you!This masterpiece need a sequel or prequel.Moral ambiguity has nothing to do with it.That PANIC reaction tho.That's why they are legends.

Vijender Jarial

Chinese hero


'Men of Harlech' counterpointed with the Zulu warrior cries at the climax of "Zulu" is amazing. (Private Owen: Well they've got a very good bass section, mind. But no top tenors, that's for sure. ..) Check it out.


Ok. From the quality, I would say this reminds me of The Outer Limits, which is a show I like!Good Job!:D

Anoop pc apollo

Phoenix Suns

Lol all the Caribbean people commenting who is the best, typical.

Mark Chadwick

Very good film

John Cartwright

Should have burned out their truck and then killed their families too. Maybe skin them and butcher them cartel style.

chrissie maka

Absolutely beautiful singing,love this song.

eric williams

Shoulders look like that cause theres a fuckin bunch of gear in them lmao.

admir ferizovic

Hahaha, its not aikido, only one aikido is japanes and name is aikido aikikai, this is fake version, and this instructor doesnt have japanes certificate...

Adam Bright

Nobody can rule if the people don't believe in the legitimacy of being ruled. In other words, if people realize that rulers are unnecessary and more importantly, detrimental.

Charles Neri

My place of birth awsome

Te Whetu McCorkindale

ea meean mum!

luis manglona

Thank you sir for bringing me back to PCC!! Flash back


You should add an other bigger half circle and put your lock system on it:you will get more torque and you won't press on the plastic... Thank you for your great videos.

Joe Meso

Safety ConsiderationIf you leave the insulation out, you run the risk of having the penny stove blow up in your face.It happened to me when I didn't include insulation.I put an ounce or two of fuel in the stove to test it, and didn't light it right away which was my error.This gave the fuel vapors some time to mix with air in the can, and when I touched the flame to the can area, it exploded and spewed burning alcohol all over my hand and the table I was working on. The two halves of the can flew apart just like the old tennis ball cannon.I think the top hit the ceiling.No injury, but it certainly scared me and could have started a fire or burned me.The insulation serves to fill the dead-air space and prevent an air-fuel mixture in the can from igniting, and has worked for me after adding it.I was with you until the end when you said the insulation is optional - I strongly disagree.Good video. These stoves work well to heat water for dehydrated meals or warm beverages.Thanks.


Pew Die Pie

41:40 thug life

Travancore Kitchen Crafts Mehandi


bill hanna

WOW that last Question ? We cannot kill - Palestine ??????????

Hamet balde

Mi piace

Hasan Bro


Ricky Putra

Always enjoy your videos

Danny Bregman