And NYC full of criminals that due to their ethnic background aren't even arrested.Keep it truly off the grid please!I also practice Iwama ryu Aikido in Portugal.Looking good and getting better.Their life is "simple", but not easy.That schitzo family believes japan worshipped them all along.This is culture and tradition pure.Acting dan nala ila.

The photography is golden, the music is on point and as a biased fly fisherman this painted the beautyromance of the experience so well.The cookisland version is wayyy better sorry guys not trying be rude.The dojo is always a controlled environment but we can push the boundaries if skillful enough.This is the best performance ever by this team.Consuming any product that hasnt been around for 40 years to really test the effects on the human body like it does.

Train and Pick your

Train and Pick your

That guy knows his fish.KMN si skoczy, kiedy zaczli robi maswk dla ciemnego ludu i kiedy odesza Pakosiska.You know more about these creatures than i do about ALL my neighbours.Who here misses old ssundee.The guy narrating the video can't even pronounce the name of the art correctly.Anyway, off here in DecemberJanuary fora week towing a 1T camper trailer.Alter is another buzzfeed don't be fooled.Watching Saotome Shihan reminds me of a line by Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night live fame" The problem with making it look easy is that people think it is easy" Shihan's movement are so effortless, it is a thing of beauty.

All of them must learn from Deepika

All of them must learn from Deepika

Here we go, most awaited moment of the week!Aikido is effective for what it's designed to do.JetLy is only beat by messy 6.Gorgeous Brownie.Thank for the video Bra makes me wanna go home lol good to see Mike back in the islands my chef lol.Yeah, TNT is like dynamites.Women who are transgender just want to be safe like any other women and do not run around abusing women who are cisgender.Imagine if Teller turned up for this video instead, 11mins of facial expressions to clips :D.This gay is a grandmaster10 of real aikido.

Mallu p

Super movie


Again, you have obviously never done judo or wrestling. Hell, Judo even translates to "gentle way". They use redirection all the time to get people off balance. I should know because I spent many years doing scholastic wrestling. The point you refuse to accept is that they aikido doesn't do anything that different and yet they refuse to spar where you actually learn to fight against a motivated opponent.


How do you mention Julian Glover and leave out that he’s also been a villain in James Bond(Kristatos, For Your Eyes Only) and Indiana Jones (Walter Donovan, Last Crusade). So he’s played villains in 4 of the biggest franchises in film history (James Bond, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter) and the biggest tv series of the 2010s (Game OG Thrones). What a career! ...And get this guy in the MCU so he can round out the list of biggest film franchises ever


likes it cos there's no swearing. old school best. like me hha

Fronthole Enthusiast

Ive only just stumbled across your channel,awesome videos!subbed!!if you get a chance please check out some compatriots of mine called the Historic Aviation Film Unit here on youtube.High Quality video of WW1 WW2 planes and more.

Michele Minor

The race of Hermione isn't really relevant to the story line so she would be any race.At least one of the characters had a vastly different look in the movies than in the books.In the books Neville Longbottom, Petunia Dursley and Dudley Dursley are blondes but in the movies they are dark headed.Though the look of the character Queenie Goldstein in Fantastic Beasts films could be part of a plot point in future films especially after the ending of The Crimes of Grindelwald.From the 1940s-1960s in American Pop culture the actresses who played the witch marrying a mortal (no maj) story lines were beautiful blonde headed women.In future Fantastic Beasts films we could start seeing the beginnings of that plot point where Jacob tries to change the wizarding law in America by giving a writer an idea for such a story as a way to prove to MACUSA that no majs no longer wish to hunt down wizarding folk especially with the popularity of such story lines.We could see more of the dark history in the American wizarding world with future Fantastic Beasts films where even Delores Umbridge could be seen as a sympathetic character where a non wizarding parent would move to America with their squib child(ren) and settle in as no majs.They would cut off all contact from their wizarding family members and not telling their squib child(ren) about their wizarding heritage and this practice could cause the death of two main characters in future Fantastic Beasts films.

john lawrence

Hi Russell, love the videos. currently working on hip rotation, you have made me understand what should be going on. Should it make hips and buttocks ache? Also any ideas on how to stop turning head to watch where ball goes, it costs me dearly!!

David Livie

An excellent demonstration, he makes it look so easy and rhythmic but I’ll bet it’s not. Can’t wait to give it a try though.

Carol Christiansen

They didn’t make excuses. And acted like the men they should have been on the day this happened. So sorry for the victim in this case.

J. Doe

130C on the network card. rip.

leila nsengiyumva

ngo umu copin arabiz x knd afit amashuri 2

Buzz Kites

The warning signs were definitely there before the start but I guess group enthusiasm took over and everyone must have thought someone with expertise was looking at the weather. At one point on the downwind leg I wondered it the smart play would be to body drag while holding your board? Great video and it sure was a relief that everyone was safe and get to play another day all the wiser for the experience!

Greg Serrano

The Mummy Rebirth.....made in 1919 with 1885 special effects.Release date, summer 2020.Yeah, that'll do well.

TTgamer OP

Eng dub is soo much crap...

BTS Chimchim

Kratika jst love her

Squid Ward

Mogadishu is the capital of the world


Marvel never gave us a real hulk, Norton so close