Amanullah khan 1919 شاه امان الله خان شاه افغانستان

I learned never to make him mad.Love the Kia pies in sunshine too.Wonder if Bruce Lee would have gotten into BJJ had he lived longer.Pozdrav iz Frankfurta!This was really good.In case nobody has already mentioned it, "Ms.Aikido is fake shit.

Thanks for sharing, great vid.You will learn to love me - creepy Uber guy.I train kickboxing and bjj but I can honestly say that the philosophy behind this art must be the most touching of all, I might start getting involved.Kannu niranju vere onnum parayanilla.Love from Bangladesh.Lovely flow, thank you.Beautiful birds.

I love the Dash 8 it's a lovely plane to fly on.I knew of Grand Master Steve Muhammad through kung fu movies and Bruce Lee actually being quoted saying he has the fastest hands hes ever seen!Sir nim bashna nivu madi center ali Christian father evela yelkond barbedi.My first introduction to Dame Mirren was Prime Suspect.Where can I get a translation to this ataahua waiata?10:50 what is name of song PLS?It's just a money grab and people just lap up anything Disney.:-) Shame about the damaged St Regis sign.If I was gay I'd definitely be a lesbian.

Provozier mich nicht.

Provozier mich nicht.

YO BRO TURN UP THE VOCALS MY NABOURS GOING SKITS EVERY TIME THE BASE KICKS IN.Its kinda like when Someone mentions American "entertainment" training, one might think about being a "triple threat" or entertainers who have won an EGOT (emmygrammyoscartony) awards.Muslims bora nahe hai.Something odd about the setup where the waves are funneling into heavy breaking waves that look unnatural.Reuse bags, reduce bags, seperate garbage.Steven Seagal is one of my favorite martial artists.I find Buddhism very interesting and very important from Asia.

Lepa in dobra igralka.Great movie but subtitle not good.It helps counter the effects of the sad garbage that history channel etc are mass-producing lately.Aikido will teach you respect.Thevrtl ki van itt?Another person over from zatara, good vibes, wife and I both liked.3:52 why did they just not Cough on him.I've seen this exact dance being practiced by Corrinne, but good job tho.

Great city with some great memories.SOMEONE TAKE ME THERE.I'm late to the party but I'm glad I came.An aikido is widely considered a useless art to combat a non compliant adversary.Also he only inspects some things and not others, so get it in writing what he does and what he does't do.Tak satupun dia menggunakan bahasa Indonesia.

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Check out my

The sensei said if he stood in such a way, yada yada, he could bend our arms and nothing we did could resist it.Best line in the movie.These are my favourite types of videos!When Linus makes a joke the whole room gets quite.LOVE IT HOW THEY ARE ALL IN THIS ONE SONG.It never ceases to amaze me that people feel they have to leave comments all the time.Beautiful gem of a movie!Tirrd of these booollshit short youtube movies.Nobody would risk their life by spinning a knife like that right in front of their body.

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Awesome as always. Thanks so much Anton!

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Utterly hilarious. I'm falling off my chair!

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Practice and commitment.

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Verry verry nice photograph well done really enjoyed cheers

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I wonder with myself if it's still attractive


Fashion 101: be white

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Donnie yen is my favourite

Mahia Maria Nursery Song

Funny video


Zachary Levi is Keanu reaves level of wholesome

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3 heroeschenagade filamu intadainnond sala tagiri producer's

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Pls make the part 2

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How the hell did bakis mom survive after doing it with yujiro?


Ah yes the way of Shinobi. Sekiro makes sense now.


Best editing

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Most of these are fake :