Alexander the Great: Battle of Gaugamela 331 BC

The ginger is a dick.Bang kuk bikin animasinya sedih sekali.It's face trip not road trip, I don't why lots of tourists make video 80% of their faces but only 20% natural beauty, what viewers want to watch in video, think about it, am not saying bad video.Jet Li beat an army but couldn't defeat an organ.I am teaching this kid who is a friend of my son and we watch your vdeos a lot can u plz make a Lil 3 or 5 minute vdeo showing ppl how to move and how to fall plz?At least well always have the first one though, absolute classic.I leaned soooooooooooo much.25 mins in and i havent seen a single dark skin person in there, well exept for the maids.

Now I Do What

Now I Do What

Thappad initiates dialogue and discussion.Never realized this was a true story.How Cardi B represents Viral and talks about being number one in charts, literally predicting her own future, being now the second solo female rapper to ever reach no.It’s either the writing or the acting but the dialogue feels off, on the up side the direction and camera shooting looks very professional, I specifically really like the slow pan up from the body after the first man was shot, and while wide shoots in lower budget films like these typically look terrible but I found yours had really good compositions and framing overall, nice work.I have never seen a more humble bragger, yet he is so likable.Grabe tinapos ko 44min without skipping.Hocam u silahl saldirdida adamn silahn elini falan eviriyorsunuzda adam ya o anda yumruk atarsa.The real warrior island.With what are you recording?

Can i have the acapella please.King of kings and LORD OF LORDS.Lots of storage area,but not nearly as much elbow room as these cats you're looking at.The best in the world for a fucking long time.Did you pay for it cash?LoL, aikido does not stand a chance against Brazilian ji jitsu.I fucking reported you.This reminds me of a Sergio Leone movie with all those unpaid flies buzzing hither and thither.That escalated quickly.What is stuffed in your belly?

It's like a dance, a conversation between two people, mazin!Who are all in there mid 20's and longing for a great relationship?Burgers kfc, pizza,.Whenever aikido guy attacks, tkd guy doesn't resist.26:41 min of life I just wasted on garbage.From metallurgy to electronics.I started training in Aiki Kai Aikido the 90s for a few years but stop.

Fiemau lahi ke clean up ho mess up

Fiemau lahi ke clean up ho mess up

Love you Tony jaa.Do you think you should be in danger in many situation of your life?Break pinky finger or any finger.This back belt took this guy all over the floor.You need to work on polishing the technique with varying degrees of resistance, including no resistance at some stage.Have you read the short book "The Present" yet?

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Damn, this was deep. Micah's character really gained dimension in this one.

Giribala Mondal

Where is the biogpoc of Hhulun gowami by anushka sharma

King Kong

For the coconuts , was that $8 Australiam or cook island dollars $8,


That move he pulled at the beginning was crazy, wouldn’t the fishhook catch him

Genet bekele

Sosna and the Family

Never heard about any seasick patches? What the hell?


Funakoshi sensei founder of Shotakan Karate vs. Chen Zhen legendary pupil of Huo Yuen Jia, the founder of the Jing Wu sports federation.Just thought y'all aught to knowFun fact Jet Li plays both as Chen Zhen and Later Huo Yuen Jia in Fearless.88888888

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That's so nice listening to the island music..

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Tq so much i tara film madi yakendre noddiro jivagalu matte baduki balatave tq sudeep sir matte i film ge tq