Ajay {HD} - Sunny Deol - Karisma Kapoor - Superhit Hindi Movie - (With Eng Subtitles)

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Year after Year- God I wish you were here.JUKIO01 Unfortunately you can not buy land in the Cook Islands It is owned by the familiesthat live there and their decendents.Amazing n thank you verry much for all lessons.I have got to say robots that understand multiple languages is genius for tourists that cant speak japanese.Naturally their son will also live in HK.Cool special effects.I'll hit the bar tonite.I absolutely love this song!That's to much for ME.This is stupid they keep saying "their own style" like what they are doing is unique?

Gostei comento em portuguessou

Gostei comento em portuguessou

HE DOESN't TAKE THEM TO THE SAME PLACE FOR SURE.What you see is only the application of the technique, unless u actually do it u won't feel the pressure to comply with the movements.There are houses everywhere.Please don't this.Sister argument.THIS GUY IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL.That would be cool if they were allowed some of their striking techniques as well.

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Love all ancestors they are the best.Animated great kids movie.’ That means The Creator and The One Whoawakens everyone sees all.1 12 billion views.Man I wish this guy was my teacher, he breaks things down brilliantly and keeps the self defense element which so may clubs including mine don't do.If it was in America you would’ve seen at least a couple of cars pulled over and a bunch of cops crawling around them with some handcuffed folks seated in the ditch, at least one city cop shooting radar from a semi concealed position in every little village,cops everywhere in larger towns, some county mounties - sheriff deputies every so often and at least four or five state troopers shooting radar hiding in the bushes or chasing some unlucky bastard with the disco lights on.The assailants point you with the weapon of another form.


2:34 movie name anyone?

Pete R

Should have named the kite company DAMKEV because that is what I think of when I watch you jump!

Conner Gaskell

This is Fucking amazing one of the best fucking animes ever made into movie it was great

Kevin Newman

Your subtitles REALLY need work!


I love sister

Cyrus Sebastian

he is a great action star in hollywood,plus his martial arts skills that makes him more charismatic,steven seagal is great.


I love my fishing and have fished a few places in W.A, are there any concerns from the British nuclear testing in the 1950s at the Montebellos?

Michael Tillman

Sooo glad to see you getting some of those creature comforts. Keep it up so that I can continue to enjoy paradise vicariously.

Alex Scott

Fun to practice but totally useless for self defense.

Daniel Krasowski

No e preciso apanhar para aprender

Andrew Wright

both legends