Aikido Demonstration - Doshu Ueshiba Moriteru - Aikikai Hombu Dojo Kagamibiraki 2016

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But they weren’t the greatest army of the time nor did they have any advanced martial arts.Your tai sabaki moves you to where you will most likely be safe in the event things are worse than you originally realized, and the defenses against wrist grabs just make it all the more likely you can actually get there.EDINBURGH IS SOO BEAUTIFUL!Now, look at the way the FIGHTER, the "Kicker " kicks, all the way through the move, till he comes back to his feet!But don't you ever, ever, run away from home like that again!Additionally R Lee Ermey was the epitomy of my Boot Camp Experience, he was the quintesential DRILL INSTRUCTOR.

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Nabin Nayak

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Stefan Stenudd

solpapisolmook, actually I know some very good BJJ and Muay Thai practitioners, and I never heard them make fun of aikido - well, at least not in a derogatory way. Of course we all make a lot of fun of each other - just for laughs.Most of the ones bashing aikido here on YouTube seem to have trained neither aikido nor any other martial art, as far as I can see. Maybe they got their martial arts training from video games?

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