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Wish we had something like this in the states.There should be a sequel.Interesting (and thanks much for putting it up!Don't read the comments before watching the movie.Lol aikido is such a useless fake martial art.Can this be a yearly sketch.

What's the aircraft?Too bad you had to endure so much drama to make it.The founder had strikes involved in his techniques I found in one of his books, I call it stunners myself, not devastating blows.Bari Hindu Hindu anta saytiya ninge dharma mukyana hutti beleda taynadu mukyana.

I finally found one.We practice Aikido in my dojo by the same wayp.Congratulations!I saw call of the wild.Thank you for this video very very much.2 of the coolest planes ever, the F-14 and 747, just beautiful!Cast Michael Caine.

The endurance and fortitude to do

The endurance and fortitude to do

I want to go there!Bhai maja aagaya esi vedio banao very nice.IV never been but I would love to go my family are to up them selves on my mother's side much love from New Zealand.That is so powerful.Going there in month from now.

They were worse

They were worse

One of the best movies i've ever seen.Miss, In all respect, listen to your BROS, most men only watch these VIDS, is cause if they cant get LUCKY with you, then perhaps we can look at your(Hate to be CRUDE) TITS OR ASS.Why went there on winter?Umro sam ja za tebe vie puta.Most states you will stay in county for anything less than 2 years.

How to tckle it?A PITY THAT IT STILL IS A HORRID MOVIE SO WRONG SO RIP FREDDIE MORE2020 SINGERS BAND MEMBERS DIE WHERE IS YOUR SHELTER,A FALLOUT SHELTER OR TRYING FINDING A WAY HOME?Karishma sounds n laugh like Kareena.Stathum I dont think so the modern day vanne damp lol.Amazing contentp.

Muslims do NOT,

Muslims do NOT,

Based on your age, you've got a head start.If I'm saying this right basically Bruce Lee's philosophy was simply this.Where have I been?Pakau ie kotou katoa boys.We're going this weekend!Wingchun is hard broo, If u see battle wingchun.The thumbnail is just too cute.I mean it seems cool but in reality if you short it too early you have to buy more shorts.

First of all knives

First of all knives

Midhu soosay alaa.Died like a month later.If aikido is so good.Namma Kannada allmovie rpride of our karanataka.Only for the movies, the old people on the movies.Imagine a soviet france or italy.I love London,because is very beaitiful!

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Jio boss

when I listen this music as if I were walking in forest

Sandhya Jalan

I search for Rajan so meaning songs game is very difficult to find this song

Eunice Mutetwa

Hard time

Chiranjeevi Dasireddy

Adam McGeorge

I’m pretty sure that irons should be banned on sailing yatchs!



John Doe

Fast Food garbage..wellmaybe next year.

Silvana Vans silva

Great video<3

Gus McCrae

This is what my nightmares are about.


That poor guy. Getting beaten up by everyone. Not his day lol

Tom Read

It depends upon the Aikidoist. Some people are very intense and effective, and the 'octagon' would pose no problem for them. Things that appear to be light and/or choregraphed when seen in video often FEEL like you are caught in an intensity that is beyond description. For the real thing, though, see video of Aikido's founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

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tv gold

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Bob Hunt


Michael Power

The tae kwon do guy was sloppy and slow .