3 Minute Book Shopping Challenge ft. emmmabooks

If your entire fighting technique is based on firing off punches and kicks, an arm-bar or even a simple hammer-lock will end your day.Trapping is a fantasy until i see it don somewhere other than films.Jason Sir your cinematic always on point Love it.

U missed out the legends of matial arts Bruce Lee, jit Lee, jakie Jan.Don’t tell me it’s ak!I buy a table in this store (X-Caliber carbon 2017).

Would love to do

Would love to do

First to commentp.Mass thaa ponga thalavaa.How Jtia wasn't voted out after that challenge boggles my mind.Wow it's been a whileI thought that it's only been like a year or two.Loading bays semi-trucks on another planet with no roads?This is an example that Aikido works!No more Off Rhodes for her!

Its such a worst situation.Awesome points of views.First comment baby yeaaaboyeeeeep.I would love to buy your equipment and have it for myself one day!Every bruce lee movie is a must watch.Beautifully Excecuted.

PbAvocado Couple I Crazy Comics.A great movie with best story of great actor Guru Dutt Saheb.One of my top 10 favorite films of all time.Congratulations to whole team.Anyone young watching this: understand that telling people to fuck off is freedom.

Be the change

Abandoned fishing nets is actually a huge problem killing an unfathomable amount of creatures needlessly.Take your damn nets back to shore and dispose of them properly!Is that too much to ask?

A. C.

I love the breathing exercise. :)


nice bro good video plz full Video Uploaded


7:15 was the greatest thing ever.

Chris Trudell

Well, he sure doesn't fight upstanding citizens...


Kadhaipomaaa....Losliya:kadhaika vendiya avashiyamila


Jajasoze BIG RESPECT for doin this


The amount of unsportsmanlike was massive.. for those who held back after a serious knockout respect!

ABE SuperKiteDay

More of this please RedBull

Anis Yamaha

Bon film a regarder merci pour le partage

Michal K

I endured 2 minutes. Why so few thumbs down?

Wake Bake Go Skate

Thanos?Can I laugh in your face?

grumpy old fart

I studied all the martial arts for years and it all boils down to this......The bigger the other guy is, the worse beating you're gonna get. I get down on my hands and knees, cry and beg for my life. I give him all my money and valuables.When he walks away, I shoot him right between the shoulder blades, get my money back, (and his)and get away before the cops show up.


No one's talking about Elsa laughing which is the rarest and most adorablest thing ever??

Chris Brookes Photographie


David Hill

I had lego and meccano as a kid wonderful inventions .

FreeWorldTravel .TV

last 2 the best , hello miss berry xxxxx

Alison Hilll

This drill rape is Crap .